How to Make Your Vinyl Siding Pop this Fall

calander Sep 4 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Every autumn, nature boasts its natural beauty by painting trees red, orange, and yellow. There may be no way to compete with mother nature’s style, but no one would blame you for wanting to emulate this annual expression of vibrancy. Your house exterior provides the perfect canvas for you to show off your personality. And even if you’re not interested in flaunting your property’s features, the transition from summer to fall is a great time to invest in some updates. So, whether you’re simply trying to give your vinyl siding a facelift or overhaul it completely, here’s how to make your vinyl siding pop this fall.

Remove Summer Grime from Your Vinyl Siding

No matter your specific siding goals this season, you can’t make it shine without first giving it a thorough cleaning. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, it’s best to wash your siding about every six months -- once in the early spring and again in the early fall. Power washing your siding right after winter and summer will allow you to blast away dirt, stains, and other debris that have formed during these extreme seasons. Be careful when operating a pressure washer, as the wrong settings and technique can result in injury and potentially damage your siding and other exterior features. If you lack the equipment or experience to safely wash your vinyl siding this fall, hire power washing experts. Some local painters will include power washing services in their list of offerings, as this task is a prerequisite for painting. If you plan on painting your siding, then search for painters who will also pressure wash your home.

Take Care of any Repairs

You want your vinyl siding to stand out this fall, but not for the wrong reasons. Summer is known for its heat, humidity, pests, and powerful sunlight -- all of these factors pose a threat to your siding. While vinyl is relatively durable and resistant to environmental hazards, consistently harsh conditions (especially in the southern U.S.) can do a number on your home exterior. By the time autumn approaches, your siding might be riddled with cracks, holes, loose or warped planks, and so on. Even if the damage is minor, it’s a good idea to tackle repairs sooner rather than later, as waiting too long can result in more severe problems down the road. Plus, fixing up these problems will make your vinyl siding more streamlined and appealing. Read our previous blog, “8 Tips for Repairing and Painting Old Vinyl Siding,” for specific advice on these matters.

Consider Colors that Contrast Fall Foliage

Like every other season, fall only lasts a few months. Because it’s right around the corner, though, this season will naturally be top of mind. As such, autumn will likely influence your design aspirations as you think of ways to enhance your vinyl siding. Whether you’re having fresh vinyl siding installed or plan on painting your existing siding, you’ll want to choose colors that stand in stark contrast to the natural yellows, oranges, and reds that dominate the season. Light neutral colors like off-white and beige are solid choices here, providing a bright, crisp backdrop to the warmer tones of fall. If your home is surrounded by bright yellow trees, you might also consider darker neutrals like gray or charcoal. Blues and greens can also pop during fall, so long as you select the right hue. Ultimately, the right color choices for your vinyl siding this fall will depend on your immediate environment and personal preference. Professional exterior painting services can also help you with a color consultation.

Emphasize Your Siding with Other Exterior Features

As we discussed above, creating contrast is one of the best ways to make a feature stand out. If your goal is to make your vinyl siding pop this season, then you should focus on your home’s other exterior features, too. Your home’s trim, for instance, is prime real estate for some exterior contrast creation -- if you end up painting your siding some shade of beige, a darker trim color (e.g., gray, black, dark red, etc.) will bring out your siding even more. The same rule applies to your front door. In fact, you might not need to do much to your siding if you decide to refinish your door. Renovating your roofing and performing some landscaping can also help enhance your siding’s appearance. Simply put, the more effort you put into your home’s exterior as a whole, the better your siding will look.

Shine a Light on Your Vinyl Siding

The advice given here so far will help make your vinyl siding pop during the daytime, but what about at night? After all, the days quickly get shorter during the fall. You might not want to draw too much attention to your home in the evening, but you can still show off your siding with some fresh, strategically placed outdoor lighting. You’ll want to place exterior lights in certain places for practical reasons, such as right outside your front door, above your garage door, and so on. Basic placement aside, however, you have many options when it comes to the types of lights you select, how they’re angled, their tint, and so on. As a general rule, lighting vinyl from above tends to be more flattering than lighting it from below (though some prefer the low glow from grounded lights). Whatever your preferences in this regard, consider how different types of bulbs affect the perceived color of your vinyl siding at night -- warmer lights will make your home appear more yellow while cooler lights will make it more blue-ish. The power and number of lights you place around and/or on your home will also bring out different aspects of your vinyl siding at night.

Maintain Your Siding all Season Long

Ultimately, the best way to make your vinyl siding pop during fall and any other season is to stay on top of routine maintenance. All the bells and whistles won’t matter if your siding is filthy, peeling, or otherwise in disrepair. So, pressure wash your vinyl siding at least twice a year if possible, make repairs quickly after noticing problems with your siding, and hire home painting services about every 5-7 years (or as needed) to inspect and, if necessary, repaint your siding. The experts at Nash Painting know how to make any type of siding pop year-round, and our clients across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN can attest to our commitment to quality.

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