How to Modernize Your Hotel's Lobby

calander Feb 24 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Of all the areas that make up a hotel, the lobby is perhaps the most significant. This central hub is the first space that guests encounter when entering the building and the last area they’ll see upon leaving. A hotel lobby is much more than a mere reception room, though -- it may feature a lounge, bar, live entertainment, business center, and so forth. Ultimately, this versatile foyer should reflect your hospitality business as a whole. If your hotel lobby is deteriorating and/or outdated, then it indicates that the rest of your hotel is similarly unfashionable. This message can quickly harm your reputation and bottom line. Conversely, a clean, sleek, modern lobby will attract and retain more guests. The question remains, then: how can you revitalize your hotel lobby in a meaningful and cost-effective way?

How to Modernize Your Hotel Lobby

Do Away with the Wallpaper

Whether or not you love wallpaper, this decorative feature has long been obsolete. Sure, wallpaper might be making a gradual comeback in certain design circles, but most people think anything but “modern” when seeing it plastered on walls. If your hotel lobby still dons wallpaper, then it’s high time you tore it down -- this also goes for wallpaper that’s been painted over. Indeed, while applying paint over wallpaper can provide a temporary solution, the underlying paper can eventually peel away from the substrate and present you with an unsightly mess. Removing painted over wallpaper is even more complicated than merely removing wallpaper on its own, of course. Either way, hire a professional commercial interior painting provider to carefully get rid of your wallpaper, so your surfaces are ready for a fresh, modern coat of paint.

Reimagine Your Color Scheme

Once your surfaces are ready for repainting, this is a great time to take stock of your lobby’s current color scheme and determine whether or not it should be changed. Modern color palettes come in a variety of forms, so landing on one can be difficult. If you’re unsure how to select interior paint colors for your lobby, it’s worth seeking color consultation services to go over your preferences, needs, and goals. Generally speaking, the most modern hotel lobbies feature neutral tones, like beiges, creamy whites, light greys, and browns. That said, other hotels go for a different but still modern approach, incorporating bright, contrasting colors and even murals to cultivate a particular atmosphere. Ultimately, you want to go with a paint color scheme that’s unmistakably modern while suiting your brand.

Make Way for Natural Lighting

Natural light is a key companion in modern stylings. If your hotel lobby features large windows, you already have an advantage in this regard. Otherwise, you might consider replacing your windows with larger (and more energy-efficient) ones, though this is a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Even if your lobby’s windows are relatively small and you don’t plan on replacing them, you can get the most out of natural lighting by keeping them squeaky clean and unobstructed by furniture, decorative items, and other objects. Additionally, your interior commercial painting provider can help you select colors that strongly reflect natural light to modernize your space. And, if you’re feeling really ambitious (and your hotel’s layout allows), you could install skylights in your lobby’s ceiling to let natural light pour in from above.

Refurnish Your Lobby for Modern Tastes

Your hotel lobby’s furniture goes a long way toward making it more (or less) modern. Ideally, the furniture you choose will strike a balance between function, comfort, and unique appeal. In addition to selecting modern chairs, sofas, and tables suited to your particular brand, consider adjusting the layout of these furnishings to create more open and inviting spaces.

Install Fresh, Lively Decor

Furniture isn’t the only feature to consider changing up as you attempt to modernize your hotel lobby -- don’t underestimate the power of decor! Modern artwork, vibrant plant life, and other accents can complete the look of your lobby.

Create a Captivating Centerpiece

While we’re on the topic of fresh decor, one of best ways to impress and welcome guests into your hotel is to establish a large, central object (i.e. a pendant, chandelier, modern sculpture) to serve as a focal point. These conspicuous constructions create a sense of wonder and unity in any hotel lobby. Of course, you want to choose a piece that suits your brand and the rest of your lobby’s overall aesthetic -- the last thing you want is to install a giant sculpture that looks entirely out of place. Working with a professional interior designer can help you come up with the right object for your needs.

Don’t Forget the Flooring

As you update your color scheme, furniture, and decor, you might end up leaving out another important aspect of your hotel lobby -- its floors. To forget your floors is a major mistake, though. Even if most of your guests don’t spend a lot of time looking down at the surface on which they’re standing, they’ll likely notice if a floor is dirty, uneven, cracked, or otherwise in bad shape. Not only that -- your floors contribute to your lobby’s overall brightness and atmosphere, reflecting the light that shines above them. If your floors aren’t well maintained or simply past their prime, your entire lobby will suffer for it.

Cater to Your Customers’ Desires

Modernizing your hotel lobby isn’t all about aesthetics (though that is most of it) -- it’s also about customer service. Contemporary guests have certain expectations when staying at a nice hotel, such as complimentary snacks and beverages in the lobby and in their room. While you’re not obligated to provide these extra amenities, doing so reflects well on your brand and helps keep your people satisfied. Plus, offering fresh coffee, espresso, baked goods, etc. in your lobby will give your business broad, modern appeal.

There is no single way to make your hotel lobby more modern. Rather, to do so requires a collection of cosmetic and operational adjustments that create a more inviting and impressive atmosphere. At Nash Painting, we’re proud to offer our commercial interior painting services as one portion of your modernization efforts. In addition to interior and exterior painting, we also provide color consultations, wallpaper removal, door refinishing, pressure washing, and much more. Let us help you maintain and improve your Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin, TN hotel.

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