How to Paint a Multi-Unit Office Building

calander Jan 28 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

When multiple businesses operate from a single location, commercial painting projects can be extra challenging to pull off. A successful multi-unit office building paint job requires strong communication and cooperation between all parties – this is, of course, easier said than done. Let’s break down how to approach painting a commercial building with multiple tenants without creating unnecessary headaches for everyone.

Determine What’s Uniform and What’s Unique

Unlike buildings that are solely owned and operated by a single business, multi-unit office buildings feature a variety of organizations within their walls. As such, a painting project must take multiple perspectives and interests into consideration, especially when it comes to selecting interior office paint colors for each room. Commercial exterior painting is typically less daunting in this regard, since most people expect the outside of a building to don a single, uniform color and design no matter how many different businesses are inside. For interiors, however, those charged with overseeing painting projects must determine whether every unit will receive the same treatment (same colors, similar design, etc.) or if each business gets a say in their interior design. The former option is more efficient and cost-effective, but the latter may be better for the individual businesses inside.

Coordination Is Key

Determining color and design choices is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successfully painting a multi-unit office building. It’s also necessary to ensure that every business stays in the loop and can handle a painting project according to their unique schedule. Once again, commercial interior painting becomes the larger concern here, since interior painting projects can easily interfere with a business’ operations. Commercial painters need to work with each and every tenant to determine the proper order of painting, whether some spaces are off-limits, and so on.

Prioritize Projects

This tip directly follows the previous one. By coordinating with the various businesses within a multi-unit office building, painters and facility managers can prioritize which rooms require the most attention and when it’s most prudent to paint them. In many cases, only select areas will receive professional painting at a given time – it often makes more sense to spread out interior painting projects so everyone inside the building has enough room to operate with minimal downtime. The key is not to let any unit fall behind in terms of necessary maintenance.

Prepare Surfaces Prior to Painting

The same rules that apply to any residential or commercial painting project still apply when painting multi-unit office buildings. As such, all surfaces must be properly prepped before being painted. For exteriors, this usually means pressure washing, and for interiors it means gently washing, sanding, and priming.

Keep the Air Flowing

As is the case with any interior painting project, proper ventilation is key for minimizing odors, increasing safety outcomes, and speeding up the drying process. If weather permits, keep the windows and doors within a given unit open during and shortly after painting. It’s also prudent to clean vents and change air filters prior to painting, as well as place fans around the room to maximize circulation.

Multiple Units, Multiple Considerations

A multi-unit office building requires periodic interior and exterior painting like any other building. That said, a higher degree of planning and coordination is involved to ensure that every unit as well as the entire building receives the optimal outcomes. At Nash Painting, we’re familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when painting multi-unit buildings. We’ve worked on several of these facilities in Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!