How to Plan Common Space Repairs Over the Holidays

calander Dec 7 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

In a recent blog, we explored the many benefits of painting the common spaces of a homeowner’s association (HOA) during the winter months. Indeed, this time of year is ripe for all sorts of common space repairs and renovations. Still, it’s one thing to understand the various reasons to invest in these projects -- it’s another to actually pull them off. After all, HOAs feature many moving parts, and decisions like common space renovations aren’t made lightly. The key to any successful project is proper planning, and this couldn’t be more true for HOA improvements. With that in mind, here’s how to plan your HOA’s common space repairs over the holidays this year and in the future.

Ways to Plan Common Space Repairs Over the Holidays

Find Contractors to Work During the Holiday Season

You won’t get very far if you’re unable to hire a service provider for your HOA repair needs. There are many considerations to make when selecting contractors, but the first hurdle to get over is finding one that’s actually open for businesses around and/or during the holidays. Depending on your location, your pool of candidates might be somewhat small, which is why it’s important to begin your search as soon as possible (at least several months in advance). You might be able to find a contractor on shorter notice than this depending on the scope of your project. Generally speaking, HOA renovations can be lengthy, especially if you wish to repair all your common spaces in one fell swoop. Details aside, holiday hours are a must if you wish to complete these projects before the new year.

Prioritize Contractors who Fit Your Scheduling Needs

There’s more to contractor scheduling than ensuring they’re available for a specific block of time. While this is obviously essential, you must also work with a company that can accommodate your additional, more specific scheduling requirements. For instance, some of your common spaces might be actively used within a given timeframe during the day. If you don’t wish to completely shut down said facility or interfere with residents and guests, it might be best to tackle renovations before and after this established span of time (e.g., overnight). Once again, finding local painters and repair specialists who can meet your scheduling needs with this level of compliance can be challenging (especially during the holidays), but it’s worth asking around anyway. As a general rule, the more flexible and accommodating your contractor is, the smoother the project will go for everyone.

Balance Your HOA Budget

Time isn’t the only prevailing factor dictating your HOA’s holiday repair plans -- so is money. It’s no secret that repairs and renovations can become expensive. The important thing is determining how much said repairs will cost and whether or not your HOA has the funds to see them through. As the year comes to a close, it becomes increasingly vital to assess your annual budget and project what your organization will acquire in the year to come. These figures will help you determine how much your association can spend on matters like common space repairs. Depending on your current holdings and how often you receive funds from residents, you may or may not be able to invest in all common space repairs over the holiday season. If possible, it’s a good idea to at least tackle some of these repairs this time of year to get them out of the way.

Focus Primarily on Interior Projects

With so many homes and facilities under your HOA’s jurisdiction, it’s not always easy to know which tasks should take priority over others. For instance, should you have the exteriors of the homes within your HOA painted, or should you focus on inspecting and fixing internal systems like HVAC and plumbing? Ideally, all of these matters could be approached simultaneously with no trade-offs. However, decisions have to be made based on various factors. When it comes to planning common space repairs over the holidays, you’ll be faced with some limitations that can actually help you better prioritize your projects. For starters, this time of year tends to be relatively cold, making it difficult to handle exterior renovations and preparations like pressure washing services. As such, the majority of your common space repairs and improvements should take place inside. If you haven’t performed interior painting in your common spaces in some time, then plan on investing in this and other interior projects over the holidays. Outdoor improvements like trim repair and exterior painting can wait until it warms up.

Keep All Residents in the Loop

During the holidays, there’s no telling who will be staying home and who will be traveling. It’s safe to assume, however, that many HOA residents will be around at this time. So, if you plan on hiring contractors to work during the holiday season, it’s important to keep your residents apprised of the situation. Most people will figure out what’s going on if they happen to enter a common area, but it’s still smart to send out reminders (physical and digital) so everyone’s prepared to deal with minor interruptions and activity. In addition to letting residents know what’s going on ahead of time, post highly visible signage near work zones (e.g., wet paint, construction, hazard, etc.) to keep everyone safe and aware at all times. The residential or commercial interior painting services you hire might have this part of the job covered, but be prepared to install your own signage if they don’t.

Home for the Holidays During Common Space Repairs

There’s never a perfect time to tackle HOA renovations. That said, the holidays present a unique opportunity for common space repairs and painting, at least in terms of interior projects. Are your properties and residents prepared for some holiday season improvements? At Nash Painting, we work year-round to meet the needs of our many clients, which include homeowners, business owners, and HOAs across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our surface prep & painting services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!