How to Revamp Your Office Building for the Fall

calander Sep 9 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

The natural world may slow down starting in September, but human activity tends to pick up around this time. Kids get ready to return to school, adults prepare for increased workloads, and many businesses begin to bustle during fall. If your business is among those that pick up steam following summer, now’s a good time to think of ways to enhance and fortify your office building for the coming season and beyond. The more you do to improve your building now, the less you’ll have to worry about it when things get busy. Plus, it’s important to provide a positive, welcoming atmosphere for your employees and customers as they return to your place of enterprise in full force.

With all that in mind, here are some ways to revamp your office building in preparation for autumn.

Pressure Wash Your Office Building’s Exterior

As we’ve discussed many times before, it’s important to give your building a good cleaning at least twice a year -- once in early spring and again six months later in early fall. Hiring pressure washing services around this time is a good way to blast away any dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and other grime that may have accumulated on your building’s exterior over the course of spring and summer. When properly administered, pressure washing will restore your building’s color and shine. Moreover, cleaning your surfaces is an important part of surface preparation if you plan on painting them as well. So, no matter your specific plans for revamping your office building, pressure washing should be one of the first steps you take this season.

Apply Fresh Paint to Your Building’s Exterior

The changing autumn leaves that burst with new color this time of year may inspire you to provide your office building with some fresh color as well, especially if you’re rebranding. Whether or not you decide to introduce new colors to your building, however, investing in a fresh coat of paint will also protect your exterior surfaces from environmental threats such as sunlight, wind, moisture, pests, and more. Experts recommend that a business performs commercial exterior painting about every 5 years or as needed, though you can paint your property more frequently if you desire. If it’s been more than half a decade since you hired commercial exterior painting contractors, the end of summer/start of fall is a great time to get it done -- painting companies tend to have more availability and flexibility as summer winds down, and cooler temperatures make for a more comfortable and efficient painting process.

Invest in Some Seasonal Landscaping

Your office building’s exterior isn’t the only thing that employees, guests, and customers will notice when passing by or entering your workplace. The green spaces surrounding your property (if there are any) are also your responsibility, and they contribute to your building’s overall atmosphere, too. When autumn enters, your approach to landscaping must switch gears, focusing on tasks like leaf removal, lawn aeration, fertilization, and preparation for winter conditions. With the proper approach, you can keep your property’s lawn looking lush even as the color green gradually leaves the natural scene. To match the seasonal changes, you might also invest in seasonal color installations, adding some festive red, orange, and yellow flair to your exterior features (e.g., window boxes, hanging planters, etc.).

Repaint Your Office’s Interior Walls

While it’s important to make a strong impression with your building’s outward appearance, you also want to maintain that positive experience within its walls. Interior commercial painting doesn’t need to occur as frequently as exterior painting, but it’s important to freshen up your walls, ceilings, and floors when the time comes. A fresh coat of paint inside your office space can boost employee morale (which in turn increases productivity), drive home your rebranding efforts, and impress visitors, all while protecting your interior surfaces from impact, abrasions, spills, stains, and more. And unlike exterior painting, outdoor weather conditions don’t have much of an impact on scheduling or efficiency -- interior painting can occur year-round at any time of the day. So, even if temperatures have already cooled beyond your expectations, this shouldn’t have an impact on your ability to schedule commercial painting professionals.

Update Your Office’s Interior Design

Providing fresh paint to your office building’s interior spaces is a great start for updating its atmosphere. However, there’s more to revitalizing your workplace than merely painting. As you look for ways to revamp your office building this fall, consider the other interior features that contribute to your interior environment’s overall look and feel, such as furnishings, accessories, and other decor. Consider replacing outdated furniture with fresh, comfortable items -- or, if you’d rather keep the furniture you have, try moving things around to adjust your interior office layout. You might also introduce fresh plant life in your office building to breathe new life into the atmosphere or invest in new lighting fixtures and decor to modernize your space. Read our previous blog, “How to Decorate a Stunning Office,” for more ideas.

Get Organized for Fall

Spring might be the most popular time to do some decluttering, but autumn is equally as viable for cleaning things up and getting organized. Indeed, if your business is gearing up for its busiest period of the year, you don’t want to be bogged down by old documents, mismatched folders, erroneous reminders, and other stuff that should have been shredded ages ago. Do yourself, your employees, your business, and your building a favor by taking the time to sort through your stuff and only keep what’s absolutely necessary. Minimization isn’t merely a modern trend -- it’s a crucial way to trim the fat of your business and stay on top of what matters most.

Don’t Let Your Office Building Fall Behind this Season

For better or worse, summer is coming to a close and autumn is gearing up to take its place. Revamping your office building in the ways mentioned here will help you tackle the many opportunities and challenges fall has to offer. And, fortunately, you’re not alone. The experts at Nash Painting are willing and able to help your business with everything from pressure washing to surface prep to interior & exterior painting and so much more. We’ve enhanced the properties of numerous Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN businesses year-round.

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