How to Use Your Lakefront Home as Inspiration to Keep the Vibe Year-Round

calander Dec 9 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Winter is here, like it or not. Those days spent in the warm summer sun or out on the water will come again, but for now, we have to face chiller temperatures. The good news about living in or near Nashville, Tennessee is that the winters are relatively mild and short. Still, even an easy winter can feel stifling when your mind is stuck on summer. Lakefront living can be especially tough during the winter for multiple reasons. For starters, the open lake seems to taunt those who have to view it all winter long -- even if the water doesn’t freeze over, it’ll be way too cold to enjoy until the seasons change again. Moreover, winter conditions tend to be a bit harsher on waterfronts, featuring faster winds and colder temperatures on average.

All of these winter conditions can dampen your mood as well as the atmosphere of your lakefront home. But why wait until summer to enjoy your waterfront property once more? Just because old man winter is bustling outside doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a summery oasis within your walls. Knowing how to select interior paint colors for different aesthetic purposes will help you control how your lake house looks and feels year-round. Here are some ways to use your lakefront home as inspiration to keep the chill vibes in and the chilly vibes out.

Ways to Use a Lakefront House to Keep a Vibe Year-Round

Embrace the Beige of the Beach

The minimal sunlight of winter can make the sand outside your home lose its warm, tan appearance and take on a drab, gray tone instead. Not only that -- significant snowfall can bury the sand altogether, removing the beautiful beach from your sight. To keep the summer vibes alive, consider incorporating sandy beige tones in your home. These neutral, slightly warm colors work well in virtually any room of your lakefront home, especially your living room and kitchen. Beach-inspired beige also serves as the perfect backdrop for a variety of color schemes, allowing you to create the perfect summertime palette with colorful furniture, accessories, and accented decor.

Incorporate Summer Sky Blues

Blue is one of those colors that can easily be associated with both the warmer and cooler months. Likewise, different shades of blue can yield different aesthetic outcomes. If you’re looking to keep your lakefront home in tune with the warmer weather even when it’s cold outside, the key doesn’t so much lie with the blue hue itself, but rather the way it’s implemented and juxtaposed with other colors inside your home. For instance, a color palette built from blues, grays, and whites will yield a cooler interior design, while a palette featuring blues, oranges, and browns will feel warmer. Darker blues may visually shrink your interior, while lighter blues can make your spaces feel more expansive. So, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to selecting blue interior house paint in this context. Regardless of your choices, however, blue is an excellent addition to any lakefront home, representing both the water and the sky.

A Splash of Yellow Goes a Long Way

If there’s one color you’ll see plenty of during the summer but hardly at all during the winter, it’s yellow. It only makes sense, then, that this color should make its way into your home interior painting plan to maintain the summer vibes year-round. Before you go ahead and paint every surface in your home yellow, however, note that a little of this sunny color goes a long way, and a lot of yellow can go way too far. As is the case with any vibrant color, yellow can strain your eyes if you stare at it for too long; if your goal is to create a relaxing interior environment, this is the last thing you want. So, if you wish to take advantage of the power of yellow, use it sparingly. You might, for instance, paint a single wall in your living room yellow (i.e., create an accent wall) to create a bright point of contrast that chases the winter blues away. You might also relegate your use of yellow to pieces of furniture and other decor.

Don’t Forget Green

Green is another color that rarely rears its head during the winter months, seeing as so much plant life dies or lies dormant around this time. One way to bring some life back to your lakefront home, then, is by including green in your residential interior painting projects. As is the case with yellow, you don’t need to oversaturate your interior with green to get the most out of it -- strategic accents will do the trick. The green colors you bring into your home don’t have to come by way of paint, either. Why not purchase some plant life and keep it safe from winter’s wrath? Caring for plants is a soothing and rewarding process that also happens to offer aesthetic benefits for your home.

Rich Reds and Oranges Mimic Summer Sunsets

To complete your summer lake-inspired color palette, consider including red and orange tones. It will take a while for those beautiful summer sunsets to return, after all. In the meantime, you can incorporate those warm, comforting colors inside your home in any number of ways. Once again, you might create an accent wall with orange, red, or even warm pink paint. Alternatively, you can select sunset-colored furniture, letting it stand out against your white, beige, or blue walls. You might even decide to paint an entire room (e.g., bedroom, bathroom, kitchen) primarily with oranges or reds, always keeping the principles of contrast in mind. Your local interior house painters can help you come up with suitable color schemes for different parts of your home.

Summoning Summer at Your Lakefront Home All Winter Long

Your lakefront home might not feel the same when the weather gets cold. Still, with the right approach to interior painting and design, you can hold onto the spirit of summer no matter how cold it gets outside. At Nash Painting, we understand the importance and power of a well-crafted and properly maintained interior. We’ve improved countless homes across Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN, many of which are right on the water. No matter your specific painting needs or goals, we work year-round to help our clients achieve the interiors of their dreams and so much more.

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