How Waterproof Deck Staining Is Ideal for Rainy Nashville Autumns

calander Sep 22 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

While Tennessee’s wettest period typically takes place from early spring through the middle of summer, autumn can bring its share of rainy days to the state as well. If you’ve lived in Nashville, TN or surrounding areas long enough, you know firsthand just how wet things can get -- the city receives about 11 more inches of rain annually than the national average. All of this precipitation is great for maintaining lush landscapes, but too much moisture can become a burden on your house exterior, and especially your deck, which tends to be one of the most vulnerable outdoor features of any home.

So, what can you do to prepare your deck for a cool, windy, rainy fall? For starters, you can shield your deck’s surfaces by applying fresh, high-quality waterproof deck stain. Let’s further explore why waterproof deck staining is a smart thing to do before autumn enters full force in Nashville, TN.

What Water Can Do to Your Deck

Understanding the real threat that rain and other water sources pose to your exterior surfaces helps clarify the importance of proper waterproofing. If your deck is composed of wood like most other decks, it is inherently porous, meaning it’s filled with small openings that small particles can enter, such as moisture, bacteria, fungi, and more. If these pores aren’t sealed or otherwise concealed with some sort of secure coating, it’s only a matter of time before various contaminants make their way inside. Once inside your deck, these contaminants can gradually lead to deterioration -- in particular, water will expand and contract with changes in temperature, forcing your wooden deck to shrink and expand with the changing weather, leading to warping and cracking. Damp areas are also prime spots for fungi like mold, mildew, and rot to thrive. These fungal foes can do more than just discolor your deck -- they can eat away at its structural integrity if not dealt with quickly.

In short, moisture intrusion (among other environmental threats) can spell doom for your decking if you don’t take the right preemptive measures. Proper waterproofing is one such measure to undertake, though there are multiple ways to go about it.

The Differences Between Deck Stain, Sealer, and Paint

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding different deck coatings, namely stains, paints, and sealers. Ultimately, each of these solutions provides some level of protection against moisture intrusion, but they go about it in different ways. Moreover, their mileage may vary depending on your particular needs and preferences.

A deck sealer is a transparent coating that seeps into a wooden deck’s pores and provides a waterproof seal, protecting it from fungal growth, rot, and other moisture-related issues. Deck stain is similar to transparent sealer in that it penetrates the wood to create a protective barrier -- unlike sealer, though, stain provides some pigmentation (color) that allows you to adjust your deck’s aesthetic and also shield it from harmful sunlight (UV rays). Lastly, deck paint is a thicker substance that does not permeate the wood but rather rests on top of it. As a result, deck paint provides greater protection from UV rays and gives you more customization options but doesn’t offer the same level of water protection as stain or sealer; in fact, deck paint can sometimes trap moisture between itself and the substrate, causing it to peel and chip over time.

Why Waterproof Deck Stain?

Fortunately, these days you can find a variety of deck sealers, stains, and paints designed with waterproofing in mind. For many homeowners, however, waterproof deck staining remains the best option for protecting your deck from the elements while preserving and enhancing its beauty. As mentioned earlier, waterproof deck stain both seals your deck’s pores from moisture intrusion while allowing you to alter its coloration in subtle or more stark ways. Waterproof deck stain is also relatively easy to apply with the proper tools and techniques. Of course, you can always hire professionals to tackle this project for you if you’re not confident in your abilities (experts can also inspect your deck and help you pick out the right waterproof deck stain for you). And even if this coming autumn in Nashville isn’t particularly rainy, your waterproof stained deck will also be protected from UV rays, pests, strong winds, and other environmental factors.

Proper Surface Preparation for Waterproofing your Deck

Prepping your deck for waterproof stain is just as important as applying the stain itself. After all, you want the coating to fully penetrate the deck’s pores and go on evenly when all is said and done. To achieve the best results, begin by sanding down your deck to smooth things out and remove any previous stain that might remain. Then, you or professional pressure washing services must spray the deck down to blast away any loosened debris, dirt, and other contaminants -- don’t forget those areas between planks and boards, either. You might also consider applying a deck cleaning/stain removing solution to your deck’s surfaces to help with this preparation process. In the end, you want to face a deck that’s clean, smooth, and clear from all past coatings so it’s ready to take on new ones.

Protecting Your Home from More than Rain this Autumn

As fall creeps ever closer, the clock is ticking when it comes to preparing your home for the colder weather. Now is the perfect time to invest in fresh waterproof stain for your outdoor decking and fencing. Of course, autumn brings with it much more than rain, and you also want your home’s exterior to stand strong against winter weather when the time comes. At Nash Painting, our team of professionals is dedicated to protecting your property from all sorts of environmental and seasonal hazards. While we work year-round, late summer and early fall offer ideal opportunities for exterior painting, pressure washing, deck staining, carpentry, and so much more. Whatever your needs this season, let us prepare your Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin, TN home for what’s to come.

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