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How Your Auto Dealership Can Bring in First-Time Buyers This Summer

calander Mar 8 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Car dealing is a high-stakes industry. If you own or operate an auto dealership, you have to manage inventory that’s constantly fluctuating, retain relationships with current owners and lessees, and do your best to bring in new customers all the time. Indeed, bringing in first-time buyers is an extremely important part of the business, as these new customers contribute to a large chunk of a dealership’s profits. On top of that, landing a new buyer is the first step in creating a loyal, long-time customer.

Auto dealerships deploy all sorts of strategies to attract this fresh audience, from outbound marketing methods like mailing lists, billboard advertisements, and tradeshows, to inbound tactics like social media campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), and informative content that answers common questions. And while these various techniques are essential in enticing first-time buyers, they’re less effective if your physical location is hard to find, hard to look at, and/or hard to remember. In other words, you must focus on improving and optimizing your actual property as much as your marketing efforts, especially now as things are getting warmer and more and more people are looking to make a car purchase.

How to Attract People to Your Auto Dealership

Clean Your Building Like you Clean Your Cars

Whether a customer is looking for a new car or a used one, they’ll come to an auto dealer with the expectation that every vehicle for sale will be squeaky clean. Of course, if your facility looks like it hasn’t been cleaned or organized in ages, customers might assume that your cars are being similarly neglected, regardless of the truth. Conversely, a sparkling clean exterior suggests a sparkling clean inventory and sends the message that you take pride in your business and your vehicles. If you wish to attract more first-time buyers, then hire pressure washing services to thoroughly clean your exterior on a regular basis -- the frequency with which you receive these services will depend on your region’s climate and other environmental factors, but twice a year minimum is a good rule of thumb. Note that a pressure washer can do damage to your building and the vehicles in your lot (not to mention injure those nearby) if not properly calibrated or used, so make sure you hire reliable professionals to tackle this important project.

Display a Big, Bold Sign

Car dealership signage is notoriously big, and for good reason. This industry is highly competitive, and there’s always significant demand for cars of all kinds. Different dealerships must do their best to draw attention toward themselves and away from nearby competitors, resulting in larger and larger signs that can be seen from quite a distance. Size isn’t everything when it comes to your signage, though. A large font can only go so far without stark colors, sharp lines, and the proper viewing angle. To captivate customers this summer and beyond, then make sure your signage is well-lit, brightly colored, squeaky clean, and facing an area where the most eyes will see it (i.e. busy road/highway).

Capture Attention with Fresh Colors

Your dealership’s main sign might be the first thing potential customers notice when passing by your location, but their eyes will soon fall on the rest of your exterior. There are countless exterior paint color combinations for commercial buildings, but you ultimately want your building’s color scheme to match and emphasize your brand’s aesthetic -- doing so will make for a more cohesive and memorable experience for your audience. If your company has undergone a recent brand change, it’s important to update your commercial exterior painting (and interior painting) to suit these adjustments. Of course, even if your brand’s aesthetic has remained the same for some time, your current paint job might be fading and/or deteriorating and therefore begging for a touch-up. Whatever the case, investing in fresh paint for your dealership will make your business more attractive all around.

Win More Word-of-Mouth with Exquisite Interiors

Making a strong first impression with your building’s exterior appearance is key for capturing new customers, but your interior atmosphere plays a role in this regard as well. While first-time buyers will have never seen the inside of your dealership up to this point, they might first hear about your business from another customer who reports a positive previous experience. Of course, there are many reasons a customer might recommend your dealership to someone else -- customer service, amenities, short wait times, fair prices, etc. -- but the condition of your facility’s interior can also have a major impact. If you want to boost your business’ word-of-mouth, then don’t let your commercial interior painting fall by the wayside. Fresh, bright, clean interiors contribute greatly to the customer experience and therefore promote more first-time buyers.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

While we’re discussing interior and exterior appearances, don’t underestimate the power of ornamentation. Hanging ribbons and balloons outside your dealership and updating your interior decor can go a long way toward capturing and retaining attention. There’s a point at which you might go too far and turn your lot into an overwhelming, gaudy mess, so be mindful of your choices in this regard. Still, don’t be afraid to dress up your dealership this summer.

Make it Easy to Get in and Out

Buying a car can be intimidating -- especially for first-time buyers. As an auto dealership, one of your main priorities should be to keep your customers comfortable at every stage of the process. Indeed, people should have a clear idea of where they’re going from the moment they spot your location. If your entries and exits aren’t clearly marked or your driveways and lots are crumbling, you’ll likely turn away more people than you can count. In preparation for this summer, refresh your parking lot paint, replace and/or post new signage that directs customer traffic, and, if necessary, re-pave or recoat your asphalt so everyone can get in and out smoothly.

Surge Your Sales this Summer

Summertime is car-buying season. Is your auto dealership prepared to bring in thehighest volume of first-time buyers possible? Nash Painting is here to make sure your location is clean, visible, colorful, beautiful, and convenient. We’ve serviced several auto dealerships and other industries across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!