Interior Design: What's Popular in 2020

calander Jan 16 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

And just like that, we’ve entered a new decade. While the passage of time is inevitable and dates are somewhat arbitrary, there’s still something fresh, exciting, and a bit unsettling about turning the calendar and realizing we’re now living in the 20s. This is a perfect time to reflect on the various advancements and trends across industries that have taken place over the past ten years and to look ahead at what trends might dominate 2020 and beyond.

The realm of interior design is constantly transforming and adapting. From recent developments in home interior painting to accessorizing, let’s explore what’s popular in interior design in 2020.

Getting More Personal

When we think about trends, we often think of sameness. But what about trends that promote personalization? This is a bit of an oxymoron, for sure, but it also describes one of the most significant 2020 outlooks for interior design: individuality. It seems that new homeowners are prioritizing personality and authenticity over merely fitting in. What does this look like in practice? It might mean unique artwork and furniture, striking color and pattern choices, and meaningful accessories that can’t be mass-produced or purchased in a catalog.

Kitchen Contrast

While single-colored (often white) kitchens dominated the past decade or so, 2020 should add some contrast. Kitchens featuring two colors, such as black and white, will make for more memorable and balanced interiors. Homeowners might use this contrast to distinguish certain features. For instance, they might go for black cabinets with white walls, backsplashes, and/or countertops.

Pattern Implementation

The 2010s saw a movement toward simplicity, from sleek, uniform walls to minimalist decorating. While 2020 might retain some of the best aspects of this trend, the new year (and decade) will also add some flavor, namely with patterns.

Patterns of all shapes, sizes, and symmetries are becoming more and more common, whether on wallpaper, rugs, furniture, or faux finishes. Indeed, 2020 might see more high-end interior painting services skillfully painting patterns on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. One pattern might match another, or they might be mixed to create smaller, unique areas within a given room.

Comeback of Colors

Colors have obviously always played a major part in interior design. But, generally speaking, the last decade dealt more with neutrals, blacks, whites, and greys, putting colors in the background. In 2020 and the ensuing decade, homeowners might bring colors back to the foreground, even replacing more neutral tones with bolder choices. We may not see a return to the gaudy, saturated tones of fifty years ago, but interior painting contractors have already witnessed a movement towards softer, earthier color implementation in modern interiors, such as terra cotta, corals, and various yellows.

Wood, Plants, and Other Natural Elements

The green movement has been around for multiple decades now, but its influence has only grown since its beginnings. Not only are new homeowners looking for more sustainable construction materials and decorations, but they’re also incorporating eco-friendly philosophy into their design choices. Reclaimed wood and bamboo have become a highly popular interior design material. Homeowners are also placing more plants all around their homes, not merely outside. And local interior painters have begun using more greens, browns, and other natural colors to match this look.

Designing With 2020 Vision

No one can predict the future with total accuracy, but those in the know can say with confidence that the above interior design trends are bound to make an appearance and influence this brand new decade. Of course, your design choices are ultimately yours and yours alone. If you have a specific vision in mind, hire a Nashville painting company that will listen and execute accordingly.

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