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Interior Painting Tips for Busy Government Buildings

calander Jan 5 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

No matter their size or purview, government buildings tend to see plenty of activity throughout the day. And like any other type of facility, these buildings require some freshening up with new paint periodically. If said building is usually a busy place, however, finding the right time to paint its interior spaces can be challenging. You don’t want interference between painters, employees, and guests, but you also don’t want to put off interior painting until the last minute. So, what can be done?

Let’s go over some interior painting tips for busy government facilities – these tips apply to any high-traffic facility, too.

How to Safely Paint a Government Building

Make Sure Everyone Knows About It

As you prepare to paint your facility’s interior, remember to keep all regular occupants in the loop. Letting your people know about the impending painting project will allow them to prepare well in advance and mitigate the risk of issues like touching wet paint, entering work zones that are off limits, and so on. It’s also important to post visible signage around your government building to remind everyone of what’s going on and keep guests informed before entering.

Schedule Services for Less Busy Periods

Your government building may be busy at certain times of the day, but there are bound to be times when things calm down. Unless your facility is open 24/7, there will be strings of hours and/or days where the building is completely or mostly unoccupied – these are the optimal times for commercial interior painting projects. The more strategic you are in this scheduling phase, the better. Just make sure that the painters you hire can meet your scheduling needs and work during these hours.

Tackle the Project in Sections

For whatever reason, it’s not always possible to conduct a painting project in an empty facility. If you must schedule services during work hours, however, you can still minimize interference by ensuring that key areas of your government building remain functional throughout the project – achieving this often requires that painters tackle one area at a time. Doing so may extend the duration of the project, but it will help prevent major downtime and frustration in the long run.

Pay Attention to Paint Quality and Safety

Most of us are familiar with the fumes associated with fresh painting projects. Though most modern paint products are less toxic than they used to be, these odors can still cause harm and create unwanted distractions. As such, you’ll want to hire interior commercial painting professionals that use high-quality, safe paint (i.e., paints with zero or low volatile organic compounds (VOCS)). It’s also important to ensure proper ventilation during the project so fumes don’t linger inside your building for too long.

Work with Reliable and Efficient Interior Painting Services

While you don’t want to rush your interior painting project, you don’t want it to take longer than necessary, either (especially in a busy setting). One way to speed things up without sacrificing quality is to hire a reputable commercial painting provider with the right experience and resources. At Nash Painting, our crews have worked in just about every setting imaginable across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN, whether residential, commercial, non-profit, or governmental. We always provide the right-sized team for the project at hand to optimize efficiency and ensure the best possible results. And if you need help in regards to how to estimate interior commercial painting costs, we’re always happy to discuss your budget and needs.

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