Introducing Vapor Blasting: The Future of Exterior Home Painting Restoration

calander Jan 26 , 2023 user-icon Nash Painting
Vapor Blasting
What is vapor blasting?

The summer of 2023 will see the introduction of Nash Painting's cutting-edge Vapor Blasting equipment, and the company is thrilled. With this modern technology, we can safely and effectively remove decades or even centuries of paint off older homes without harming the wood underneath, allowing for pristine and attractive exterior painting restorations.

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  2. The Advantages of Vapor Blasting Over More Conventional Techniques
  3. What Is Vapor Blasting?
  4. Conclusion: Vapor Blasting's Advantages

Explain the process of vapor blasting.

Using a fine mist of water and abrasive media, vapor blasting (sometimes called dustless blasting) can be used to remove paint, corrosion, and other surface pollutants. When compared to sandblasting or hand scraping, vapor blasting leaves the wood in far better condition and does not damage the underlying surface.

Advantages of Vapor Blasting Over More Conventional Techniques

Hand scraping or sandblasting to remove paint from wood siding can harm the wood and create rough spots that need to be smoothed and filled with wood fillers. In contrast, vapor blasting involves the use of a fine mist that clings to the practically invisible pulverized material and causes it to fall to the ground instantly. This means that the majority of the debris is collected on plastic tarps and hauled away once the operation is done, and that there is minimal water runoff into lawns.

The Method of Vapor Blasting:

Vapor blasting begins with laying down plastic to collect the debris from the grinding operation. Then, we use the appropriate tools to apply the vapor blasting solution—a mixture of water and abrasive media—to the surface. The paint and other surface pollutants are instantly removed by the mist as it clings to them. There will be no water flow onto lawns because the amount of water used is minimal, and the majority of the debris will fall onto plastic tarps that will be collected and disposed of later.

Vapor blasting has several advantages over more conventional approaches to restoring the outside of a house. Faster and more effective than hand scraping or sandblasting, with significantly better wood condition thereafter. Also, unlike with conventional methods, your family won't be breathing in paint dust for days on end. The ultimate result is a house that appears nearly brand new without the wear and tear that comes with more conventional cleaning approaches and without exposing residents to as many harmful chemicals.

In sum, here at Nash Painting, we are dedicated to offering superior quality in both our finished products and our service to you, the customer. With our cutting-edge Vapor Blasting gear, we can provide near-perfect restorations at a lower price than ever before, with less mess, less time on your property, and less exposure to dangerous paint particles.

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