Is High Quality House Paint worth the Investment?

calander Oct 16 , 2017 user-icon Nash Painting

It’s always fun to score a good deal, right?

Whether it’s something small like a pair of pants that finally went on sale, or maybe an awesome deal on appliances over a holiday weekend, it feels good to come out ahead with a jingle in your pocket.

Sometimes, however, going cheap becomes similar to cutting corners, and delivers long-term frustrations after that initial savings. “You get what you pay for” is an old adage, but it really rings true in many circumstances.

Today, let’s apply this concept (and warning) to the world of interior and exterior house painting. Is more expensive paint worth it, or are you falling for awesome marketing?

The Proof Is In the Can – Why Is It Worth Buying Quality Paint?

First, let’s look at the components of your paint, and then we’ll look at what better paint really offers.

So, here’s the recipe (give or take a little):

  • Binders – Come together to create the paint film as the solvent evaporates

  • Additives – Determine drying time and other features of the curing process

  • Solvent – Liquid that ensures the binders and pigments stay in a suspended state

  • Pigment – This is essentially the color of your paint

Just like there is a difference between a low-end meal to go from a supermarket and a fine dining experience at your favorite restaurant, ingredients matter! The quality varies drastically even if the same basic “recipe” is followed.

Low-grade paints offer low-grade performance – you will notice the difference right from the application stage through observing how long it lasts.

Yes, it is definitely worth springing for the better paint products. Here are just a few of the practical benefits you can expect:

  • Longevity – Good paint lasts longer and stands up to environmental factors more effectively.

  • Color Retention – Nobody wants to watch the color they fell in love with fade into something unrecognizable…

  • Durability and Protection – Remember, your exterior paint isn’t just an attractive facade. It protects your home’s surfaces against breakdown due to UV exposure, mold, mildew, pest intrusion, rot, moisture, and more! It’s really a first line of defense.

  • Ease of Application – As we mentioned above, you will notice a difference!

  • Value – Quality shows. Trust us.

What Do WE Use?

We use products that we believe in, that we know will perform for our clients, and that allow us to offer remarkable warranties.

For us, that product is Sherwin-Williams’ Emerald paints.

This is a top-shelf choice, but we want to be known more for the quality and experience we offer than for our price-points. And, your paint is not a good place to cut costs.

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