It’s Time To Plan Springtime Home Maintenance in Nashville!

calander Mar 22 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

Embrace Spring with a Fresh Start!

Spring brings warmth and rejuvenation, but it also reveals the wear and tear left by winter. Identifying and addressing these issues early is crucial to prevent minor problems from escalating.

Take wood rot, for instance. It's manageable if caught early, but neglecting it allows the fungus to destroy more wood, leading to significant damage over time.

Below is a checklist to guide your spring inspection, applicable no matter where you're based in the U.S. For our neighbors in the Nashville area, remember, we're here to assist with inspections, repairs, painting, and more.

Spring Exterior Review: Key Areas to Inspect

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Based on our extensive experience, here's a concise list of common areas that require attention:

  1. Brick molding - the trim around doors and windows, crucial even for non-brick homes.

  2. The point where your garage door meets the concrete - a common spot for water intrusion.

  3. Lower corners of doors - check for rot or weathering.

  4. Window frames - a hotspot for wear and tear, especially after winter.

  5. Window sills - ensure they're intact and free from decay.

  6. Decks - they require special attention, which we've expanded on below!

Expert Insight:

Wondering if your deck needs refinishing? Try drenching it with water and observe if it forms puddles or gets absorbed. Puddles indicate your stain/sealer is effective, but if the wood absorbs water, it's time to reseal.

Ready for Exterior Painting and Maintenance in Nashville? We're Here for You!

This spring, let us help you maintain your home, preventing minor issues from becoming costly problems. Discover more about our services, and don't hesitate to contact us for all your home care needs!