Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Nashville: This Is the Perfect Season!

calander Nov 16 , 2018 user-icon Nash Painting

We’re still wrapping up a few late fall/early winter exterior projects here in Nashville, but our major interior push is right around the corner.

It’s an exciting season for interior painting, especially with the holidays just weeks away, friends coming over, family visits, and the opportunity to refresh and show off your home a bit.

With all of this in mind, one of our most popular services right now is definitely kitchen cabinet painting. Homeowners like you are seizing the opportunity to give the heart of their home a new look, adding lasting value at the same time.

5 Reasons Why Kitchen Cabinet Painting Is So Popular

Here’s a closer look at why cabinet painting is enjoying so much attention:

  1. It’s a way to enjoy fresh, customized style and color in a central space within your home. And, let’s face it: kitchens are a big deal!

  2. Cabinet painting, in many cases, is more cost-effective than a full cabinet replacement, and definitely costs less than an entire kitchen remodel.

  3. An experienced, high-quality application offers a factory-level finish that lasts and looks incredible.

  4. The right color can brighten, modernize, and even visually expand your kitchen.

  5. Let’s talk timelines and convenience! A full construction project will have a huge impact on your home and quality of life, but cabinet painting can be wrapped up faster and with less mess and upheaval.

Don’t Trust Your Kitchen To Just Anyone

We fully understand the desire to find a good deal (we’re homeowners on budgets too!), but when it comes to kitchen cabinet painting you truly do get what you pay for.

Many painting companies are trying to capitalize on this boom in kitchen painting popularity by quickly adding it to their roster of services. They may offer a convincing presentation and a VERY enticing price point, but both become irrelevant when your paint chips, peels, or fades in 6 months or a year.

The true value is is found in experience, knowledge, and a total commitment to craftsmanship.

A Snapshot of Our Cabinet Painting Process

  1. Remove doors, drawers, and hinges for a thorough finish.

  2. Clean and remove years of cooking-related grime from cabinet surfaces.

  3. Fill holes and repair damages caused by wear and tear.

  4. Sand, vacuum, and tack surfaces to ensure excellent paint adhesion.

  5. Apply a durable, high-quality primer.

  6. Caulk seams and dents.

  7. Carefully apply paint to cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers.

  8. Allow sufficient drying time for durability.

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