Little Tweaks to Make During the Winter that will Help During the Spring

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When winter arrives, most of us would like to take a page out of the bears’ playbook and hibernate until spring returns. Indeed, the cold weather and short days can make us all feel a bit slower. However, you won’t do yourself any favors by sleeping the winter away. As endless as this season can seem, the warmer weather isn’t all that far off, and when it comes, you’ll want to enjoy it as much as possible. Additionally, it pays to be prepared for spring conditions before they enter with full force. In other words, it’s a good idea to get some projects out of the way during winter to make your life easier during the spring. Let’s explore some little tweaks to make during the winter that will make a big difference when spring rolls around.

House Projects to Work on in the Winter

Get Organized

Spring is often deemed the season of cleaning and organization, but why wait until this time of year to tackle these projects? If you’re already going to be primarily stuck inside during the winter, there’s plenty of opportunity to take stock of your stuff and sort things out. You might make room for future spring outfits by donating clothes you don’t wear anymore or maximize your kitchen’s storage space by installing new shelves or re-configuring your plates and glassware. The more of this organization you get out of the way during winter, the less you’ll have to do during spring. Ultimately, this trade-off will allow you to focus on more pressing matters after winter and also enjoy the nicer weather when it finally arrives.

Paint Your Interior Walls

Winter weather will prevent you from tackling most exterior projects, but it won’t interfere with your indoor checklist. So, if you’ve been putting off interior painting or wish to experiment with different colors, winter is one of the best times to get these things done. Even if your walls only require some minor touching up, it’s practical to perform these touch-ups while you’re stuck indoors. This way, when the weather warms up, you can direct your attention to exterior improvements like pressure washing, siding repair, exterior painting, and more. On another note, most home buyers conduct their searches starting in spring. If you plan on putting your home on the market, you’ll want to impress all interested parties in any way you can; by refreshing your interior painting during winter, you’ll be able to show off your bright, beautiful walls to potential buyers as soon as the season starts.

Update Your Cabinets

You don’t have to repaint all the walls in your home to make a big difference. A cabinet painting or refinishing project can transform an entire room without other significant adjustments. Kitchens are the primary areas that benefit from a cabinet update. Merely replacing your cabinets’ hardware is enough to modernize these features, and this is a relatively quick and easy project to tackle during the winter. Of course, you can do much more for your cabinets than just change out their hardware. Sanding and painting cabinets can take some time, but you might have more time than usual during the winter anyway. If you’re able to complete this project during the winter, you can enjoy a brighter, more modern room in time for spring and beyond.

Refinish Your Doors

Winter isn’t necessarily the best time to invest in a door refinishing project, but if you hire professionals that know how to refinish a door in place, you can benefit greatly from getting it done before spring. Typically, a door refinishing project involves removing a door from its hinges and taking it outside or to a workshop for surface preparation, priming, and coating. If the outside air is cold, however, you’ll want to keep your entry door where it is to keep your home comfortable and secure. Installing a storm door is a big help if you plan on updating your door during the cold season, as this will provide some defense against the cold air and other environmental factors. Whatever the case, tackling a door refinishing project in winter will set you up for spring if your main goal is to boost your home’s curb appeal and possibly sell it.

Assess Your HVAC System

Ideally, you will have inspected and fixed (if necessary) your home’s HVAC system before winter to ensure you and your family remain warm all season long. If you skipped this step, however, it’s never too late to hire professionals to take a closer look. Repairing and/or optimizing your HVAC system during winter won’t just keep it warm inside -- it will also prepare you for spring, facilitating a smooth transition between the colder and warmer weather. In Nashville, TN and surrounding areas, temperatures can enter the 70s (Fahrenheit) as early as April and increase from there. So, you’ll want to make sure your air conditioning will turn on and function properly shortly after winter comes to a close.

Caulk Those Cracks

Speaking of securing your home’s internal climate, winter’s an excellent time to look at your interior caulking and replace it if need be. Even minor gaps and cracks can allow heat to escape and provide a way for pests, moisture, and contaminants to come inside. You don’t want your home to be vulnerable when the snow starts to melt and the spring rains start falling down, so take care of interior caulking and other surface preparation for waterproofing while you have some extra time this winter.

Install Attic Insulation

Your HVAC components and caulking aren’t the only features involved in regulating your home’s internal climate. Though often unseen, insulation is the third rail of climate control in your home. If your place lacks proper insulation, it will struggle to keep you comfortable during extreme conditions, cold or hot. On top of that, poor insulation can become a major drain on your home’s energy, causing your electric or gas bills to skyrocket. The majority of your home might be well-insulated, but attics are often neglected. As it turns out, though, a well-insulated attic is vital in keeping your home comfortable, secure from moisture intrusion, and energy-efficient. If you’re looking for another project to tackle this winter, then make it attic insulation.

Winter Upgrades for a Smoother Spring

It’s important to stay active during the winter. Taking care of various interior tweaks and projects is a productive way to stay on your toes during the coldest season. Best of all, tackling the various projects mentioned here during winter will set you up for a much more enjoyable spring -- a time when you’ll actually want to get outdoors and relax. Whether you’re looking for interior house painters, cabinet/door refinishing specialists, or repair experts, Nash Painting works year-round to help customers across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN.

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