Nash Painting Announces Address Change to Better Serve the Greater Nashville Area

calander Aug 16 , 2023 user-icon Nash Painting

BRENTWOOD, TN — In our continued commitment to offering top-tier painting services to Middle Tennessee residents, Nash Painting is excited to announce our address change. While we maintain our Brentwood roots, our new location is at 320 Seven Springs Way Suite 250, Brentwood, TN 37027. Our new location provides features that allow us to provide a higher standard of service for our customers.

We'd like to remind our valued clients that for in-depth consultations or project discussions, you can call us at (615) 829-6858 or fill out our contact form.

Now, more about the wonderful areas we proudly serve:


The bustling center of Tennessee, Nashville's diverse architectural styles challenge us to consistently deliver top-tier painting solutions that match its vibrancy.


Franklin's blend of historic and contemporary structures requires a meticulous approach to painting. Nash Painting meets this demand with precision.


Amidst Brentwood's lush landscapes, our team ensures homes and buildings stand out with high-quality finishes and durable paint.

Belle Meade

With some of the region's most upscale residences, Belle Meade demands perfection. Nash Painting delivers with reliability and quality.

West Meade

In the quiet neighborhoods of West Meade, our painting services uphold the community's standard for excellence and durability.

Forest Hills

Given the green surroundings, homes in Forest Hills benefit from our environmentally-conscious painting solutions that are both aesthetic and sustainable.

Green Hills

Balancing the area's commercial and residential needs, Green Hills trusts Nash Painting for timely and efficient services.

Oak Hill

In Oak Hill, where greenery meets urban amenities, our team ensures paint jobs that complement both the natural and man-made surroundings.

Spring Hill

Catering to a rapidly growing community, Nash Painting ensures Spring Hill homes and businesses look fresh and modern.

Thompson's Station

With its mix of rustic charm and new developments, Thompson's Station receives our adept touch, balancing tradition with modernity.

The Gulch

In this lively urban area, Nash Painting tackles the challenge of painting commercial spaces and residences that resonate with The Gulch's energy.

12 South

From historic homes to new builds, 12 South's painting needs are diverse. We approach each project with care and expertise.

East Nashville

A vibrant area known for its energy, East Nashville benefits from our efficient and tailored painting services, suitable for various building types.

Ladd Park

For the community-centric spaces in Ladd Park, Nash Painting delivers uniformity and quality, emphasizing durability.

The Governors Club

The luxury homes of The Governors Club require a premium touch. We ensure top-notch finishes that match their grandeur.


Against the backdrop of natural beauty, Laurelbrooke's residences get the best protective and aesthetic paint solutions from Nash Painting.


Servicing homes that range from modern designs to more traditional builds in Avalon, our team delivers consistency and excellence.


In the community-driven landscape of Westhaven, Nash Painting ensures homes are painted to perfection, fostering a cohesive look throughout.

Legends Ridge

Addressing the upscale painting needs of Legends Ridge, we prioritize quality materials and attention to detail.

Lynnwood Downs

In Lynnwood Downs, where homes embrace a classic charm, Nash Painting guarantees long-lasting finishes that uphold this elegance.

For those residing in these vibrant communities or planning to move here, Nash Painting remains your trusted partner in making homes and commercial spaces look their very best. We're always one call away for consultations. Experience the difference with us!