Not Just the Kitchen: Other Rooms to Check When Painting or Refinishing Cabinets

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A kitchen just doesn’t seem complete without cabinets. Indeed, cabinets are such a prominent feature in most kitchens that it’s easy to forget that cabinets are often an important component of other rooms in a home, too. If you’re planning on tackling a kitchen cabinet painting or refinishing project in the near future, it might make sense to update the cabinets in the rest of your home at the same time. Or, if the cost to strip and paint kitchen cabinets is too big for your budget, you might go with a smaller cabinet painting project instead. Either way, there are other rooms to keep in mind when it comes to cabinet painting.

Let’s go over which rooms (aside from your kitchen) you should check when planning to paint or refinish your cabinets.

Rooms to Consider Painting Cabinets In

Dining Room

Your dining room might be the first space you think about in this regard, perhaps because it’s right next to your kitchen. In an open concept interior, your dining room might be attached to your kitchen, too. While every dining area is unique, most of them feature some type of shelving or cabinets, whether to store fine china and glassware or simply serve as decoration. Whatever the case, your dining room cabinets likely serve a strong aesthetic purpose -- if they’re faded, outdated, and/or deteriorating, they can bring down the entire atmosphere of this space. If you wish to impress guests and continue to dine in a sleek, modern space, simply refreshing your dining room cabinets can make all the difference.

You might consider matching the look of your dining room cabinets to that of your kitchen cabinets, or go with a different color and style to set this space apart. Ultimately, the best paint finish for cabinets in your dining room will be the one that lasts a long time, protects the underlying surfaces, and elevates your dining room’s aesthetic as a whole.

Master Bedroom

Cabinets are also a prominent feature in many master bedrooms, typically in the form of a dresser (or multiple dressers). You might primarily rely on closet space to store your clothes, but chances are you’ll use cabinets to house certain items of clothing and other objects. Setting aside the practical use of your bedroom’s cabinets, these features also help bring the entire space together. Indeed, cabinets are the perfect canvasses to establish contrast in a given room. For instance, you can complement the calming dark blue walls of a bedroom with stark white cabinets or go the other way and adopt a darker finish for your cabinets to contrast with lighter walls. On the other hand, you can make your cabinets blend in with the rest of your room by painting them the same color as its walls. Either way, it’s important to retain the same level of quality between your cabinets and the rest of your bedroom’s surfaces for a complete look.

Guest Rooms/Kids’ Bedrooms

If your home has more than one bedroom, such as kids’ rooms or guest rooms, they’re well served by cabinets, too. Assuming these bedrooms are smaller than your master bedroom, you probably won’t have as many cabinets to contend with. Still, painting or refinishing these features can have a big impact on the room’s look and feel. Perhaps you have a kid who’s ready to move out -- as you ponder ways to transform their former bedroom into a guest room, office, etc., the cabinets are actually a great place to start (especially if you haven’t decided on a color for the walls yet). Refinishing those old cabinets can inspire and inform the rest of your room makeover decisions.

Living Room

Whether they’re a part of your entertainment center or surrounding your fireplace, your living room’s cabinets are crucial features. Not only can you use these features to store books, DVDs, board games, memorabilia, and other things -- these cabinets contribute greatly to your living room’s aesthetic. Consider how bare your living space’s primary wall would look without its shelves or cabinets. These protruding features provide the eye with a focal point, especially when centered by a television or fireplace. In other words, your entire living room’s layout is in large part dictated by the position of your cabinets. So, when it’s time to hire home interior painters to update your living room, don’t neglect your cabinets. Instead, note that your living room’s cabinets are as visually vital as its walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc.


Refinishing your basement can add significant value to your home. Even doing some residential interior painting in the cellar can make a big difference. You can transform your basement in many ways, of course. Some people prefer to use their basement as a home office, while others turn it into an additional bedroom or entertainment room. Depending on the current state of your basement and your plans for this area, cabinets may or may not be a part of the equation. That said, installing cabinets in your basement and/or refinishing them is practical in many situations. And considering the potentially damp, cool conditions down there, keeping your basement cabinets properly sealed is paramount. Fortunately, refinishing your cabinets both enhances their appearance and protects them from various threats so they last a long time.

Laundry Room

Your laundry room probably won’t be the most visible area of your home, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth maintaining or improving. A decent selection of cabinets is nice to have in any laundry room to separate clothes, store towels or detergents and bleach, hold other supplies, and so on. If your laundry room happens to be in your basement, the same threats mentioned above (i.e., moisture, temperature fluctuations) can damage your surfaces -- in fact, they’re even more at play in your laundry room when you consider how much water, heat, and chemical usage occurs. Refinishing your laundry room’s cabinets is a good way to defend them.


Last but not least, cabinets are commonplace in many garages, especially finished garages. Your garage’s cabinets are meant to store and protect various tools and other items (depending on how you use your garage). While you might not think it’s worth it to hire a cabinet painting company or tackle the project yourself, refinishing your garage’s cabinets can boost your home’s value, brighten up your garage, and better protect your assets from environmental damage.

Opening the Door to Cabinet Refinishing Throughout the Home

While a kitchen cabinet refinishing project can significantly elevate your home, your kitchen isn’t the only place to consider for cabinet improvements. As you walk around your home, you’re bound to find cabinets in your living room, bedroom, dining room, and beyond -- these features deserve your attention, too, and the professional interior house painters at Nash Painting can help you every step of the way. Over the years, we’ve worked with countless homeowners across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN to help them enhance their properties inside and out.

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