Paint Colors: Decorating Your Teenager's Bedroom

calander Mar 24 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

Teenagers aren’t always easy to figure out, but if there’s one thing most teens have in common, it’s that they enjoy their personal space. And what’s more personal than one’s bedroom? Of course, up until this point, your teen’s bedroom might have remained pretty stagnant, still donning the colors and decorations of childhood. Those features probably won’t mesh with your teen’s style and interests anymore.

So, how can you make the transition from kid’s room to teen’s room as seamless as possible? You might want to start with choosing new paint colors. As we’ve discussed before, the color of a room serves as the basis for its overall atmosphere and aesthetic. Furniture, artwork, and other decorative features then complete the look. The question now is this: Which colors work best for a teenager’s bedroom? The answer, of course, depends on the teen in question. So, make sure they’re a part of the decision-making process.

To spark some ideas, let’s go over some teenage bedroom paint colors that work well in many instances.

Blue is Always on the Menu

It seems that some shade of blue ends up on every color suggestion list out there. There’s a reason for blue’s popularity, though, partially thanks to its versatility. Depending on its hue, blue can be light and airy like the sky or mature and tranquil like the sea. As such, many parents gravitate toward lighter blues for their children’s rooms, and might choose a darker, muted blue for their own room. Just about any shade of blue can work well for a teen bedroom. The particular color will depend on that teen’s personality and preferences. Do they want a brighter space to spark creativity, or a darker space to focus and calm down after a long day? Either way, interior painting contractors will tell you that blue is often a good choice.

Never Underestimate Neutrals

When we think of kids’ rooms, our minds often turn to bright, saturated colors, stuffed animals galore, and other soft imagery. Teens’ rooms are, of course, different. While some teens will hold on to their childlike roots, others will want to stray completely by turning their bedroom into something more grounded and mature. If your teen has a more serious or level-headed disposition, neutral colors like beige, grey, off-white, and brown, are usually spot on. These colors are anything but distracting or loud, and facilitate a comfortable personal space.

Paint it Black (Some of it, Anyway)

Some people go through a darker phase during their teen years, whether emotionally, aesthetically, or both. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, introducing shades of black in a teen’s room can help them feel more at home in their personal space. Of course, painting every wall black can be a bit jarring and might make the room feel too small and unwelcoming. Because of this, many home interior painters will suggest painting a single wall black to accent the rest of the room. This way, your teen can make the space their own and not grow out of it or feel closed in.

Bright is Right for Some Teens

So far we’ve made a pretty clear distinction between what kids want and what teens want for their rooms. However, there isn’t always a strict divide. As mentioned earlier, some teens like the bright, saturated colors of their bedroom, even if they’re holdovers from their childhood. These colors might include pink, purple, orange, yellow, or green. If so, you might keep your teen’s room as it is. Of course, even if you’re sticking to a similar color scheme, it’s a good idea to hire local interior painters to touch up your teen’s room and give it some new life, especially if it’s been over a decade since you’ve done so.

Stuck Between Teen Bedroom Colors?

The color ideas outlined above are only suggestions. Every teenager is different, and their color preferences might surprise you. Or, they might not know what they want. If that’s the case, get some advice from an experienced Nashville painting company. At Nash Painting, we help our clients choose the best colors for every room they want to update, including teen bedrooms. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!

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