Paint Colors: How to Match Your Flooring

calander Nov 22 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

If you’re redecorating a room with new flooring, your wall colors may clash with certain finishes.

If something doesn’t seem right about your paint color next to the new flooring, we have some suggestions for how to choose a new paint color for your newly redecorated home or your remodeled office.

Plan for the Desired Effect

In general, ask yourself what you want guests and visitors to feel when entering your space.

If you want them to be wowed or stopped in their tracks, you can plan for paint colors that provide more of a contrast with the flooring color.

If you have light flooring, contrast with a dark paint color. If your flooring has a darker finish, your contrasting colors should be lighter to make them stand out.

Neutral colors often have a calming and centering effect, and can make a room feel especially inviting. They have the added benefit of looking great with virtually any color combination.

If you opt for neutral colors, the odds of having to repaint if you buy new furniture or change your flooring again in the future are smaller.

Use the Color Wheel

The color wheel is your friend when it comes to coordinating or matching paint colors with flooring. How you use the wheel is a matter of taste and depends on your vision for the room.

Find the color on the color wheel closest to the color of your flooring finish. Choosing adjacent colors will mean analogous tones throughout the room.

On the other hand, if you choose the color across from your flooring color on the color wheel, your paint colors will be less similar. Instead, they will be more complementary to the coloring of your floor.

Consider Room Features

Your room features can impact how colors look relative to your flooring. When choosing paint colors, don’t forget:

  • Ceilings: Painting a ceiling is a great way to add character to a room and to increase the impact of other paint colors.
  • Trim: Painting interior trim is a great idea if you don’t want to miss any details when painting a room to better coordinate with new flooring.
  • Cabinets: Any cabinets and other furniture in their room have their own finish and existing colors that will need to be considered when planning for the overall look you want to achieve as a result of painting your home or updating your office.

Ask Your Painter

When you interview a painter for your project, ask them for recommendations on paint color selection. Nash Painting has experience painting high-end homes and leading businesses throughout Middle Tennessee for decades.

We can help you select paint colors with confidence so your painting project gets done with no stress, no regrets, and beautiful results.

Whether you want a timeless look or you’re looking to keep up with the latest trends, we’ll help you choose paint colors that realize your vision for any room you’re improving with new flooring.

Call us today for an interior painting estimate for your home or business. We look forward to helping you beautify your space!

Trying to match that perfect color?

We recommend purchasing a color muse. It identifies color, sheen and brand of most scanned colors.