Painting a Historic Church in College Grove, TN

calander Apr 30 , 2018 user-icon Nash Painting

Craftsmanship is one of our specialties here at Nash Painting.

Sure, we have processes, procedures, and standard practices that streamline our systems, but every project is still seen as unique, and an undercurrent of old-school, detail-oriented pride informs every step we take.

This is never more true or more apparent than when we tackle old, tired surfaces saturated by history. In this case, we had the privilege to paint and restore the exterior of the College Grove United Methodist Church in College Grove, TN.

What Makes This Church Special?

Built-in 1888, this church joined the National Register of Historic Places on its 100th birthday in 1988. Along with the Trinity United Church in Wilson Pike, it is listed as one of the “best examples” of “elaborate historic churches” in Williamson County.

Today, it is still an active house of worship with a bustling church community and congregation. Needless to say, dealing with siding and coatings that are THIS old isn’t easy, so when the exterior couldn’t wait any longer, we were contracted to complete a full exterior repaint.

A Snapshot of Our Exterior Church Painting Process

Our steps included the following:

  • First, we used a specialty tool to remove old paint that had accumulated over decades and decades

  • Next, we sanded the rough substrates down to bare wood

  • We then primed the entire building with an oil-based exterior primer

  • Next, we caulked with Sherwin-Williams lifetime warranty caulking

  • And finally, we applied two coats of Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint

For the best sense possible of the scope of this incredible transformation, we invite you to watch the brief video below. We’re proud of our work!