Popular Interior Paint Colors for Your Nashville Painting Project

calander Feb 21 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

Just before crossing over to 2019, you may recall that we shared an article outlining a few popular wintertime interior painting projects.

If you missed it, you can check it out right here!

Today, we thought we’d take you on a quick tour of a few popular interior paint colors for 2019 as well. After all, the new year always brings a fresh batch of trending colors, provided by professional colorists, design gurus, and extensive testing/research on the part of major manufacturers. It’s a fun way to get inspired!

Just as a side note, there are specific manufacturers that we prefer to use, so please use the ideas below as just color ideas, and not necessarily endorsements of any particular products.

2018 Was All About Gray, White, and Neutrals

First, a quick recap.

Last year’s trending colors were primarily gray and off-white (in all the zillions of shades and variations available). It’s easy to see why! These are classy, timeless colors that offer a clean backdrop for any other colors you’d like to introduce: artwork, furniture, rugs, curtains, etc…

We should also add that these are STILL popular options, mostly because they are both neutral and timeless.

2019’s colors take a walk on a bit more of the wild side, but they can pay off in a big way.

Sherwin-Williams’ Cavern Clay

Premium Sherwin-Williams’ products is one of our go-to paints. This year, they announced that Cavern Clay was their Color of the Year, and it’s received mixed consumer feedback from what we can see. Some absolutely love it, and others find it a little retro!

Either way, the color is earthy, deep, and natural, intended to be reminiscent of warm desert landscapes. What do YOU think?

If you like it, you may also want to check out their Aficionado collection.

Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan AF-690

Gray is back, but with a slight twist. This continues the trends we’ve seen from last year, just with a sophisticated, modern edge.

If you want to see their full color forecast, take a look their 15 additional Color Trends 2019 list.

Pantone’s Living Coral

Far from a subdued neutral, Living Coral is intended to bring life and fun into a space. Maybe perfect for a kid’s room, or as an accent?

Blues and Greens

Silvery blues and deep, natural greens are also increasingly popular. They’re bold, and the lighting needs to be right for this dark of a palette, but the results can be stunning. Especially so if you have lighter counterpoints, like crisp, white trim, cabinets, or built-ins.

Have Fun with Your 2019 Interior Painting Project

Our advice is always to go with the colors you love, and to take every trend with a grain of salt. But, it is fun to see trends that are filled with more personality, and that make more space for your individual taste and preferences.

Ready to go bolder? Give us a call! We’d love to help you plan your next house painting project in Nashville.