Prep Your Guest Room for the Holidays with These Tips

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The holidays offer a great time to reconnect with friends and family. If you have the space, you might plan on hosting some loved ones in the coming months, even if only for a night or two. Whatever the case, you’ll want to make sure your guests are able to make themselves at home when they come to visit. As such, it’s time to start thinking of ways to optimize your guest room(s) for the upcoming holidays. Preparing your guest room in such a short time frame might seem like an impossible task, but you can chip away at it bit by bit until you can present your guests with a beautiful, comfortable, festive room. Here are some tips for prepping your guest room for the holidays this year!

Tips for Prepping Your Guest Room for the Holidays

Clean and Declutter the Room

You have to start somewhere when preparing your guest room for holiday visitors, and the most sensible place to start is by removing clutter and cleaning all surfaces. The amount of clutter littering your guest room will depend on how often you use it and how you use it throughout the year; if your guest room is also a home office or a de facto storage room, you may have your work cut out for you. Otherwise, you might not have too much to worry about in this regard. Either way, decluttering the space is only the first step. Once you’ve cleared up your guest room, you must break out your broom, mop, duster, and other cleaning materials. Start by dusting upward-facing surfaces and vacuuming floors. Pay close attention to corners and typically concealed areas, as these often feature cobwebs, debris, and other unwanted materials. You might want to remove certain furnishings and features from the room temporarily to better access all areas -- you might also want to do this for the next potential step we’ll discuss: residential interior painting.

Consider Applying Fresh Paint

As you’re cleaning your guest room to the best of your ability, you might determine that the interior house paint inside this room is past its prime. Perhaps you notice fading, chipping, or cracking -- or maybe you’re just no longer happy with the room’s color scheme. Regardless of the exact reason, the solution is to apply a fresh coat of paint to your guest room’s walls and other surfaces. Keep in mind, of course, that repainting your entire guest room can be costly and time-consuming. Since both money and time tend to be in short supply around the holidays, you might not be able to invest in a complete interior painting project. Plus, you’ll want to make sure the paint odors have completely dissipated by the time your guests arrive. In lieu of painting the entire room, then, you can still enhance the space by touching up key areas with fresh paint.

Install New Lighting

There’s nothing welcoming about a poorly lit guest room. Even if your visitors prefer lower lighting, you want to give them options when it comes to the amount of light they have in their temporary room. One of the key preparations to make, then, is to check all the lights in your guest room and make sure they’re functioning properly -- if some aren’t, you’ll need to replace their bulbs. You might want to go further with your lighting updates, however. For instance, you might decide to install new light fixtures to modernize the space and/or improve its atmosphere. Just note that different lighting setups will affect the way your guest room’s paint job looks -- read our previous blog, “Colors & Lighting: How to Find the Best Match,” for advice on how to select interior paint colors with lighting in mind.

Provide Fresh Linens for all Guests

Everyone has unique sleep preferences. In order to accommodate your guests, it’s best to provide them with a vast array of sheets, blankets, and pillows so they can configure the bed to their liking. It goes without saying that these linens should be clean (you might even purchase brand new linens for the holidays). While you’re at it, make sure your guests have an assortment of fresh towels so they can comfortably wash up. You don’t want to bombard your guests with blankets and towels, but you want to provide them with enough options for the duration of their stay.

Make Sure There’s Adequate Storage

If your guests plan on staying for several nights, they’ll likely be bringing a fair amount of luggage with them. Even if your guests don’t mind grabbing clothes and toiletries directly from their bags, it’s always nice to have the option to store these items in cabinets and drawers. Before they arrive, be sure to empty these storage features and make it known that your guests can use them if they’d like. It’s also a good idea to provide some empty floor space for your guests to drop their luggage when they arrive.

Secure the Guest Room’s Door

It doesn’t matter how close you and your guests are -- everyone enjoys privacy and personal space. As such, your guest room should feature a secure door that can properly lock if so desired. Check your door’s hinges and hardware to ensure it’s working properly. As you inspect your door, you might also think about improving its appearance. After all, the door to your guest room can make a strong impression. Even if you don’t have the time to completely refinish your door, it might be worth coating it with fresh paint and/or changing out its hardware for more modern features.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

Though not necessary, you can further prep your guest room for the holidays by making some festive additions. If you already plan on decorating the rest of your home, why not spread the holiday cheer to your guest room, too? Your visitors will likely appreciate these personal, thematic touches.

Offer Some Entertainment

Finally, consider providing your guests with some things to do during their stay. Sure, the majority of your time together might be spent catching up over drinks, doing holiday activities, getting out of the house, etc. By the end of the night, however, your guests might want to rest in bed for a bit with a good book or some TV. Most people bring their own entertainment on trips, but it’s always nice to have additional options. So, place some of your favorite books on an empty shelf, put some magazines in the bathroom, write down the Wi-Fi password, etc.

Make a Home Away from Home for the Holidays

Give your holiday guests a getaway to remember by properly preparing your guest room this year. The professional Nashville painters at Nash Painting can assist you with many aspects of this task, including interior painting, door refinishing, surface preparation, color selection, and more. We’ve served countless homeowners across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN, and we’d love to add you to our growing list of loyal customers.

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