Pros to Painting Interior Common Spaces at Your HOA During the Winter

calander Nov 23 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Revitalize Your HOA's Appeal This Winter with Interior Painting Services

Homeowners associations (HOAs) consist of both individual and common spaces. The specifics of who owns and/or is responsible for maintaining these different areas depend on the HOA’s unique financial structure. Setting aside the particulars, all facilities within an HOA must receive the same amount of care on a similar timetable so the entire organization retains a coherent and appealing appearance. Indeed, common spaces such as clubhouses, elevators, hallways, laundry rooms, etc. require fresh coats of paint now and then. HOA owners or managers struggle to find the optimal time to invest in these periodic renovations. After all, painting projects take time and space, potentially interfering with residents and their lives. On top of that, HOA residents are typically responsible for funding painting projects via regular fees, and an HOA’s budget can only stretch so far. In other words, everyone will want to keep HOA painting costs as low as possible.

As winter approaches, you might feel as if the window for HOA painting has closed for the time being. On the contrary, winter may be the perfect time to have your common spaces painted on the inside, offering greater leeway, reduced costs, and more. Let’s discuss some key reasons to consider painting the interiors of your HOA’s common spaces during the winter.

Reasons to Paint Your HOA Common Spaces in the Winter

Winter Weather Won’t Affect Interior Painting

It’s no secret that winter isn’t a great time to tackle exterior projects. The cold air, sharp winds, ice, and snow aren’t optimal painting conditions. To make matters worse, daylight doesn’t stick around for too long during winter. But just because exterior painting is off the menu during winter doesn’t mean the same goes for interior painting. As long as your HOA’s common spaces are well-insulated and climate-controlled, the outdoor environment has no real bearing on what goes on indoors. Artificial lighting will keep your properties well-lit even when it is pitch black outside. Sure, painters may struggle to travel and/or carry their materials back and forth during a snowstorm, but other than that, interior painting is fair game year-round, so why not invest in this project during winter?

You Can Expect Less Activity in Your HOA

Every HOA is different, but humans operate on seasonal cycles. When winter sets in, most people spend less time out and about and more time safely indoors -- at first, this might suggest that your common areas will receive more use during winter than other seasons. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, for the most part, you can expect less foot traffic in your various common spaces during the winter than during the spring, summer, and fall. As such, the winter provides the optimal time to paint the interiors of common spaces. With fewer people around, commercial interior painting services can more easily prepare and paint surfaces without fear of interfering with residents or guests.

It’s Easier to Find Local Painters in Winter

Painter availability can become a major issue for HOA managers and owners, especially regarding larger, drawn-out projects. While there may be no shortage of interior painting services in your area, all the best providers may be booked throughout most of the spring, summer, and fall if you don’t plan well in advance. When you lock in a rough schedule, your options might not be as reputable or experienced as you’d prefer. One advantage of winter is that there tends to be less demand for painting services this time of year. As a result, you’ll probably have an easier time tracking down high-quality painting services that can meet your scheduling needs. It’s worth noting that some painting companies close their doors during the winter so that the pool might be smaller. Still, the best painters often work year-round, so you should be able to find the services your HOA needs as long as you’re proactive enough.

Interior Painting Costs Will Likely Be Down

The decrease in demand for painting services during winter doesn’t only translate to increased availability -- it often equates to lower costs. It’s basic economics: when demand dips, painting providers will offer reduced rates for their services to compensate for it (when prices drop, demand gets a nice boost). If your HOA’s budget is rather tight, it might make the most sense to seek interior painting services during the winter when painting costs are at their lowest.

Spreading Out Painting Projects Often Makes Sense

People have different philosophies when it comes to residential and commercial renovations. Some think it’s best to get as much done at once as possible, while others prefer to spread out projects. Both approaches have merit. Taking the former method can strain resources and create short-term obstacles but free up longer periods. The latter philosophy can stretch things out longer than some people like but with the benefit of more control, focus, and optimization. So, while one HOA might prefer to tackle interior and exterior painting simultaneously, it might make more sense for another HOA to handle interior work during the winter and exterior work during the summer (or spring/fall, depending). Investing in interior painting during the winter gives you one less thing to worry about when the weather warms up, allowing you to pour more energy and resources into exterior projects down the road.

Get Your HOA’s Common Spaces Ready for Spring and Beyond

Not only does painting your interior common spaces during winter free up time for other projects come springtime -- it also ensures that your HOA’s common areas will be in prime condition when the better weather rolls around. Potential residents will likely look at your HOA and move after winter. You can make a great impression on these additional eyes by getting painting over within the winter.

Winter Interior Painting at Your HOA

The world pauses in many ways during winter, but your HOA doesn’t need to. Take advantage of the cold months by painting the insides of your HOA’s common areas. Getting this done during the winter as opposed to any other season provides you and your painters with more leeway makes it easier to hire and schedule painting services, saves you money, and allows you to check off another item on your list to better focus on future projects. At Nash Painting, our painting pros have plenty of experience improving HOA properties across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. We work year-round, so you can tackle whatever project(s) you need to get done at your convenience.