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Rebranding? Repaint Your Business and Seal your Driveway For a Brand New Look

calander Sep 2 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

There are many reasons to rebrand your business. Maybe your logo is overdue for an overhaul, your leadership has changed, you’re trying to recover from a reputational crisis, etc. Whatever the reason(s), one thing is undeniable: rebranding is no small task, often requiring a multi-faceted approach.

The ultimate goal of any rebranding effort is to reinvigorate a business’s appeal by establishing a new and improved identity. In order to pull this off, no stone can be left unturned -- everything from your marketing material to the physical presence of your location(s) must be adjusted accordingly. If your storefront doesn’t clearly express the modification of your brand, you can’t expect potential customers to take notice. For this reason, updating your property must be a primary focus of any rebranding strategy. More specifically, repainting your business and sealing your driveway can create a brand new look that both impresses passersby and lets them know that your brand has changed for the better.

Let’s explore some key considerations businesses should make when planning to repaint their property and seal their driveway to establish their new brand.

Coordinate Your Colors

The most recognizable brands all feature bold color schemes. This doesn’t mean that your business needs a super flashy logo, of course -- consistency and coordination are most important here. People should be able to take one look at your storefront and get a sense of your new brand identity, and your interior should be congruent with this exterior painting effort, too. In other words, your rebranding endeavor should provide a fluid, consistent, memorable experience, not only in its customer service but also in its atmosphere.

Finding the Right Time to Repaint

Timing is a crucial component and challenge of a rebranding strategy. While it would be great if you could simply transform your brand overnight, informing your audience, getting employees on the same page, and executing all necessary physical changes takes time. As such, you have to put significant thought into how you plan on rolling out this strategy. Repainting and sealing are key tasks, but at what stage of the process should they occur? The answer to this question depends on your specific situation, but generally speaking, it’s a good idea to invest in physical renovations before getting the message out that your brand has undergone a transformation -- this way, you won’t be playing catch up with reality. Even if people aren’t fully aware that your business is changing up its identity, they will see that it’s at least improving its physical location.

Of course, making any improvements to your business runs the risk of interfering with your normal operations. For this reason, you might seek a commercial painting contractor that can work outside of business hours. If your business is operational 24/7, the provider you work with must be efficient and able to minimize obstructions as much as possible. In some cases, the best course of action might be to temporarily shut down your business to ensure that your local painters can get the job done properly and not get in anyone’s way. If you’re rebranding anyway, a momentary pause might be necessary and even beneficial to give your audience something to look forward to when you re-open!

The Significance of Sealing Your Driveway

When it comes to rebranding your business, re-sealing your driveway might not seem all that important, especially compared to applying a new coat of paint and boasting new colors. While it’s true that a driveway or parking lot doesn’t offer the aesthetic intrigue that a brightly painted exterior exudes, keep in mind that people do take notice of every aspect of your location, including your driveway.

Simply put, a freshly sealed driveway or lot is noteworthy -- even more so if the roads, driveways, and parking lots surrounding you (i.e. your competitors’ driveways) are faded, fractured, and/or filled with holes. Customers won’t just be able to see how much richer and smoother your newly sealed driveway is than everyone else’s -- they’ll feel it as they drive over it. Ultimately, this renovation makes for a more inviting and pleasant customer experience, complementing and emphasizing your other rebranding efforts, such as your new paint job. If nothing else, sealing your driveway every three years or so protects the surface and extends its lifespan, saving your business time and money in the long run.

Timing Matters for Driveway Sealing, Too

Just as local exterior painters can interfere with business operations when repainting your property’s face, driveway sealing professionals will naturally impede access to your business for the duration of the application process and for 24-48 hours after as the coat cures and dries. Once again, you must strategize this project accordingly. Ask yourself: does it make the most sense to shut down for a weekend to ensure the best results? Is it possible to allow customers to enter via a different method while the driveway is being sealed and left to dry? Are your contractors able to seal one portion of your driveway at a time to allow for vehicle and foot traffic access? There are multiple ways to approach this project while minimizing interference. The bottom line, of course, is making sure that the results of your driveway sealing project suit your business’ rebranding efforts as best as possible.

Maintaining the Momentum of Your Rebrand

With the right approach, your rebranding endeavor can serve as a powerful relaunch for your business, revitalizing its reputation and attracting customers both new and old. If you want to continue succeeding, you have to stay on top of maintenance. Your new paint job and freshly sealed driveway might look fantastic now, but touch-ups and repairs will be necessary over time. As far as your exterior surfaces go, investing in pressure washing services once or twice a year is a crucial way to keep your property and its paint job sparkling clean and free from dirt, debris, mold, and mildew. Your interior surfaces require regular attention, too. If you want your customers to respect your rebranding efforts and enjoy your atmosphere, you have to keep things clean.

Make the Strongest Impression Possible When Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding is all about cultivating a new and improved identity for your business -- the best place to start is by enhancing the look of your location. At Nash Painting, we’ve helped countless businesses in and near Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN re-establish themselves and their place in the community by providing high-quality, reliable, full-service commercial painting programs. Let our team of experienced professionals assist your rebranding efforts by transforming your property inside and out when the time is right. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!