Retreat in Goodlettsville: The Connell Hills Brick Transfiguration

calander Sep 16 , 2023 user-icon Nash Painting

In the heart of Goodlettsville, within the spirited Connell Hills neighborhood of Sumner County, lies a dwelling that has recently undergone a transformative journey. Embracing modern aesthetics while preserving the timeless charm of brick, this exterior project tells a story of innovation and artistry.

Project Overview:

City: Goodlettsville
County: Sumner
Neighborhood: Connell Hills

Scope of Work: Exterior Painting
Chosen Color: Retreat SW 6207

Paint Brand Used:

  • Sherwin Williams Emerald

A Fresh Perspective:

The ambition was clear: to enhance the exterior ambiance without detracting from the inherent allure of brick. The choice of SW 6207 Retreat offered a deep, rich hue, reminiscent of hidden forest nooks and tranquil escapes.

Painting a brick wall, especially exteriors, is a task that requires precision, care, and an understanding of the material. The porous nature of brick means it demands a paint that can adhere well, while still allowing the brick to breathe. Enter the Sherwin Williams Emerald line – renowned for its durability and superior coverage.

The Transformation:

The journey began with a thorough cleaning of the brick surface, ensuring any dust, grime, or moss was cleared away. This paved the way for an even application of the Retreat shade. As the first coat settled in, the beauty of the brick was accentuated, not hidden. The natural texture and pattern became more pronounced, adding depth and dimension to the wall.

In Conclusion:

What once was a standard brick exterior in Connell Hills now stands as a testament to the magic of color and quality workmanship. The Retreat shade doesn't just cover; it complements, making this Goodlettsville residence a notable landmark in its neighborhood. Through this project, the home not only underwent a visual transformation but also added an emotional layer, making it a true retreat for its inhabitants.

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