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Reviving a Historic Home in East Nashville: The South Inglewood Restoration by Nash Painting

calander Aug 7 , 2023 user-icon Nash Painting

In the eclectic and lively streets of East Nashville, the South Inglewood subdivision stands out, teeming with history and charm. One of its dwellings, a house built in 1928, recently underwent a transformative journey under the expert hands of Nash Painting.

Project Details

City: Nashville
Subdivision: South Inglewood
County: Davidson
Neighborhood: East Nashville
Painting Items Included: Exterior Painting
Paint Colors:

  • Siding: Anonymous SW 7046
  • Trim: Shoji White SW 7042
    Paint Brand: Sherwin Williams Emerald

South Inglewood's Historic Restoration

The exterior of this historic house presented significant challenges due to aged paint and wear. Our team embarked on extensive paint scraping, ensuring that every corner was prepared meticulously for the new coats of paint. Recognizing the importance of a solid foundation, we utilized the strength of Sherwin Williams PrimeRX Peel Bond Primer and Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer. These products ensured a robust base that would hold the vibrant hues of Sherwin Williams Emerald paint with grace.

Sherwin Williams PrimeRX Peel Bonding Primer
PrimeRX Peel Bonding Primer
Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer
Extreme Bond Primer

The combination of colors, Anonymous for the siding and Shoji White for the trim, bestowed the home with a refreshed, contemporary yet timeless look – a seamless blend of its historic roots and modern aesthetics.

Nash Painting: Craftsmanship and Dedication

At Nash Painting, we approach each project as more than just a job; it's a commitment to preserving the essence of a home, especially one as steeped in history as this 1928 gem in East Nashville.

Our clients seek a comprehensive customer experience that spans from the initial estimate to the final invoice. We understand the intricacies of restoring older homes, ensuring that the final product not only looks beautiful but stands the test of time.

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