Should You Paint Exterior Brick in Nashville?

calander Jun 24 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

If you showed 10 people a picture of painted exterior brick, you’d likely have 5 people tell you it looked fantastic, 3 people say you NEVER should paint brick, and 2 ask you why you did it. That’s the general breakdown, anyway… Give or take.

Painting brick can be divisive in part because some people are just in love with the rustic, natural look it offers. And it does look awesome in many cases, rocking a rugged, timeless style.

But, brick also can just get old. In every sense. And if you have a brick home, you may be ready for a change. So, to help you make the best choice for your surfaces, here are a few tips and thoughts to keep in mind.

If You Paint Exterior Brick, Make Sure You Do It Right

When brick is painted poorly, it looks terrible and is extremely difficult to fix. So, whatever you do, don’t get inspired on a weekend, buy paint at a big box store, and hit the ground rolling. Brick requires a very specific procedure.

To give you a better idea, here’s the procedure we follow:

  • First, we pressure wash the surface to remove dust, dirt, and any mildew.

  • After the brick dries, we apply a first coat of Sherwin-Williams Loxon XP – a premium, high-build, self-priming masonry paint.

  • Next, we look for any vulnerable points and seal them with caulk.

  • Finally, we apply a second coat of Loxon XP.

Keep In Mind: Brick Painting Is a Commitment

Once you paint, there’s really no way to go back. We don’t say that to scare you, but just to reinforce the fact that brick painting needs to be approached carefully and not on a whim. Do your research when it comes to colors and styles, and be sure to talk with an experienced professional who can walk you through every step, stage, and option.

Painted Brick Requires Routine Cleaning and Maintenance

Like any painted surface, you’ll need to be prepared for touch-ups, cleaning, and longer-term maintenance. Brick on its own is pretty low maintenance, but once paint enters the equation a little more work and TLC is involved.

What Are the Benefits of Painting Your Brick Home?

In all honesty, we LOVE painting brick. Interior and exterior. Here’s why:

  • Incredible curb appeal!!! We’re talking AMAZING transformations, especially when you take tired brick and give it a totally new look and updated color.

  • Easier to keep clean! Brick is porous, so coating it with a masonry paint will help to fill and seal those spaces where dirt and debris can hide.

  • Moisture protection is another natural value, especially since older brick in particular can allow water to seep through.

Have any other questions about brick painting here in Nashville? We’d love to help! Give us a call today to get started.