The Benefits of Power Washing Your Home's Metal Roof

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The benefits of power washing your home's metal roof are numerous and significant. It's a low maintenance surface, that's for sure, but low maintenance isn't the same as NO maintenance. And as a homeowner, you know that keeping your metal roofing in good condition is a smart move, protecting its durability, energy efficiency, and attractive look. Today, let's dive into the various advantages of pressure washing your metal roof and explore some essential safety measures to ensure a successful cleaning process.

We'll also discuss suitable cleaning solutions and techniques tailored specifically for metal roofs, and talk through how to power wash, what other roofing materials can be power washed (if any), and what your best options are.

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benefits of power washing a metal roof

The Benefits of Power Washing Your Metal Roof

Power washing your home's metal roof offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Prolonged lifespan for your metal roof: Pressure washing removes debris that can accelerate corrosion, ensuring a longer-lasting roof.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency: A clean metal roofing surface maintains its reflective properties, contributing to better energy efficiency.
  • Improved curb appeal: Removing unsightly debris from your painted metal roof enhances the overall appearance of your home.

When power washing your metal roof, it's important to wear protective clothing and use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, such as car washing soap. Using a pressure washer with the appropriate pressure setting can also help prevent damage to your roof.

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Choosing the Right Cleaning Solutions for Your Metal Roof

Selecting suitable cleaning solutions is vital when power washing a metal roof. Gentle cleansers, like car washing soap, work well on most surfaces without causing harm. However, specialized chemicals may be required if dealing with significant rust issues - always read product labels carefully before application. Additionally, it's important to conduct spot tests to ensure compatibility between the solution and your specific material type (i.e., aluminum vs steel).

  • Opt for gentle cleansers or specialized chemicals depending on the situation.
  • Read product labels thoroughly before application.
  • Conduct spot tests to ensure compatibility.

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FAQs in Relation to The Benefits of Power Washing Your Home's Metal Roof

Should Metal Roofs Be Power Washed?

Yes, metal roofs can benefit from periodic power washing. It helps maintain their reflective properties, prolongs their lifespan, and enhances curb appeal by removing dirt, rust, and other debris. However, it's essential to use proper techniques and cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the roof.

Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Pressure washing your roof removes accumulated dirt, mold, and algae growths that can cause damage over time. For metal roofs specifically, it maintains energy efficiency by preserving its reflective properties and prevents corrosion or rust formation. Regular maintenance also improves overall appearance and extends the life of your roofing material.

How Do You Remove Black Mold from a Metal Roof?

To remove black mold from a metal roof effectively:

  1. Select an appropriate cleaner designed for mold removal on metals
  2. Spot test the product in an inconspicuous area before applying it fully
  3. Spray the solution onto affected areas using low-pressure settings
  4. Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure water after letting the solution sit as per manufacturer instructions

Does Wet & Forget Work on Metal Roofs?

Wet & Forget is suitable for use on various surfaces, including most types of metals used in roofing materials like aluminum or steel. This non-caustic formula gently cleans away mosses and lichen without causing damage to paint finishes or protective coatings applied to these surfaces.


It is important to take safety measures when power washing a metal roof and choose suitable cleaning solutions and techniques for the best results. Following the proper process of power washing your metal roof can ensure that it is cleaned effectively without causing any damage.

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