The Best Time to Pressure Wash Your Commercial Building

calander Mar 5 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

Your commercial building needs a good cleaning every now and then to maintain appearances and remain protected from the elements. Power washing (or “pressure washing”) offers the most effective way to thoroughly clean your property’s exterior surfaces. This method combines a constant, high-velocity stream of water with a detergent of some kind to blast away dirt, mold, and other residue without the need for extensive manual scrubbing. For whatever reason, not all facility managers prioritize this important maintenance task, and some buildings go without a proper cleaning for far too long. The question, however, is how frequently should you pressure wash your commercial building and when is the best time to get it done. Let’s discuss.

When to Pressure Wash a Commercial Building

Six Months After Your Last Washing

A good rule of thumb for every property owner to follow is to engage in pressure washing twice a year, about six months apart (kind of like teeth cleaning). Keeping up with this bi-annual cleaning schedule ensures that your building’s surfaces are never neglected for long. If you plan on washing your commercial building twice a year in perpetuity, you might consider investing in a pressure washer of your own. Should you decide to take these matters into your own hands, however, you must make sure you (or whoever is operating the device) knows how to operate it properly. Mishandling a pressure washer can result in injury and property damage. When in doubt, hire pressure washing services to tackle this project for you – they can bring the best equipment to the table or use the device you own, which will cut down on rental costs.

Before You Paint Your Property’s Exterior

As noted above, establishing a reliable commercial power washing schedule will help you stay on top of exterior maintenance. That said, sometimes it’s best to pressure wash your property outside of the bounds of your current schedule. If, for instance, you’re preparing to paint your building’s exterior, pressure washing is a crucial prerequisite step to guarantee the best results. Ideally, your painting and pressure washing schedules will sync up so you don’t have to perform an additional cleaning within a given year – but if you have to wash your exterior in between typical cleanings for the sake of painting preparation, it’s no big deal. After all, it never takes long for a building to get dirty once again. Pressure washing before painting helps the incoming coatings adhere more strongly to the surfaces.

Right After Winter

If you’re thinking in terms of seasons, early spring is usually the optimal time to power wash your commercial building. This shouldn’t come as a shock. We’re all aware of how grimy things can get during winter thanks to all the snow, slush, and salt. Tackling this project just after winter will let you quickly remove the layers of dirt festering on your building’s surfaces without having to worry about the immediate return of winter weather. Moreover, engaging in pressure washing around this time will help you prepare your building for maintenance projects both near and far; repairs and renovations are made simpler when the surfaces in question are clean. Plus, late winter and early spring tend to offer optimal conditions for outdoor projects like pressure washing, especially in temperate regions like Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN.

Cleaning it All Up

So, when’s the best time to pressure wash your commercial building? Well, anytime between now and April is usually ideal for such projects, especially if it’s been at least six months since your last cleaning and/or you’re getting ready to paint your property’s exterior. To make matters easier, work with a local power washing company that also offers painting, maintenance, and repair services like Nash Painting. With so many services under our belt, we can get your entire property ready for springtime and beyond. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!