The Cleveland Park Enigma: Melding Hues and Histories

calander Sep 1 , 2023 user-icon Nash Painting

In the heart of Nashville's Cleveland Park, a home emerged, recolored and refreshed, an embodiment of past legacies and contemporary brilliance. At Nash Painting, we are more than just painters – we are curators of memories and makers of new ones.

Project Snapshot:

City: Nashville
County: Davidson
Neighborhood: Cleveland Park

Scope of Work: Exterior Painting
Chosen Colors:

  • Rock Bottom SW7062 (Satin)
  • Attitude Gray SW7060 (Satin)
  • Magnetic Gray SW7058 (Semi-Gloss)
  • Night Owl SW7061 (Semi-Gloss)
  • Redwood SW3563 (Semi-Transparent)
  • Ember SW3029 (Solid)

Superior Paint Brand Used:

  • Sherwin Williams Emerald

Crafting the Vision:

Our journey began with Rock Bottom SW7062, a hue robust enough to provide a foundation but delicate enough to blend seamlessly with the home's architecture. Attitude Gray SW7060 was introduced, offering a nod to Cleveland Park's historic charm, while Magnetic Gray SW7058's semi-gloss finish elevated the doors' elegance.

The Night Owl SW7061, semi-gloss by nature, evokes memories of dusky evenings spent on porches, chatting with neighbors. As for the decks and fences, they received the intimate touch of Redwood SW3563's semi-transparent finish, a hue that radiates warmth and homeliness. Lastly, Ember SW3029 in solid color wrapped up our palette, casting a fiery contrast against the other shades, making the property a visual landmark in the neighborhood.

Our meticulous strokes painted not just the lap boards but the trim, gutters, decks, fence, and even the garage, ensuring each inch reflected our commitment to excellence.

The Nash Painting Promise:

Our combination of artisanal skills and premium products like Sherwin Williams Emerald ensures that each project we undertake becomes a masterpiece. Our goal? Long-lasting beauty and durability.

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