The Perfect Neo-Traditional Home

calander Dec 30 , 2016 user-icon Nash Painting

Maybe it’s the traditional upholstery or mix of Chinoiserie elements, but Neo-Traditional design has a way of bringing the right amount of “Wow!” factor to any home. This eclectic trend is particularly popular amongst upcoming neighborhoods like East Nashville and 12 South.

Neo-Traditional design is the perfect marriage between old and new, and can be easily achieved in your home.

What Makes Up Neo-Traditional Design

In this “modern meets traditional” style lies an opportunity to offer beautiful environments. A modern take on traditional style, Chinoiserie and contemporary fabrics give vintage collectors the opportunity to create a unique living space.

A few aspects to keep in mind when it comes to Neo-traditional elements and design include:

  • Traditional Upholstery
  • Use of light, medium, and dark elements
  • Chinoiserie decor
  • Mix of Traditional and Contemporary textile

Traditional Upholstery

Inspire a timeless setting by incorporating traditional upholstery into accent chairs, sofas, and lounge chairs.

And, shopping for traditional upholstery or Chinoiserie decor doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. Search for unique traditional pieces at your local antique store and have fun exploring the dozens of unique pieces.

Light, Medium, and Dark Elements

Use light and soft colors to lighten up any room with paints that contain subtle hues. Additionally, use of mirrors and natural lighting fortifies a timeless design.

To contrast the light palette on the walls, decor and furniture should range between medium and light colors, such as ashwood floors, dark wood furniture, and a bit of silver and gold.

Chinoiserie Decor

The romantic melding of European styles and various Asian influences, such as Moorish, Chinese, and Indian will be the icing on the cake when achieving Neo-Traditional design.

Layers interiors with chinoiserie fabrics and upholstery in bold florals for a touch romance and exoticity. Pieces such as beautiful blue-and-white porcelain and asian art prints.

Mix Traditional and Contemporary Textiles

Lastly, neo-traditional design would not be whole without a bit of modernity. To create the perfect juxtaposition to a traditional setting, add modern pieces of furniture, such as a glass-top coffee table, chic chairs, and abstract art.

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