The Secret to Long-Lasting Exterior Paint in Nashville

calander Oct 10 , 2017 user-icon Nash Painting

What do you want and need from your exterior paint?

Style? Value? Quality? Yes, yes, and yes.

And, if you’re like most homeowners here in the Nashville area, a huge component of your paint’s value is tied into its longevity. After all, when you invest in something substantial for your home, whether it be a roof, furnace, or a total repaint, you expect (and deserve) performance.

Today, let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in maximizing your paint’s life and value.

How Long Should Exterior Paint Last?

Let’s set a baseline of what you can expect, then we’ll dig into the differences hiding behind the numbers.

A typical, average exterior paint job lasts anywhere from 4-6 years, depending on a variety of factors. Some will expire faster, and a few will last longer.

Here at Nash Painting, we offer a 10-year warranty, and our paint jobs often last substantially longer.

How Can You Help Your Exterior Paint To Last Longer?

What’s the difference between a 5-year and 12-year paint job?

Here are four keys to long-lasting exterior paint:

  1. Surface Preparation – The success of your project is actually determined before you even open a can. Skillful repairs, wood replacement, patching, sanding, caulking, cleaning, and priming all lay the foundation for an enduring, quality finish. These steps are non-negotiable, and should be clearly articulated by your prospective painting company. If they aren’t, find someone else!
  2. Quality Paint Products – Yes, it makes a difference! Bargain brands may be pleasant at the checkout counter, but they are not as rugged, will not retain their color as well, and oftentimes more product is needed to cover the surfaces. Here at Nash Painting, we use SuperPaint, both because of its 25-year warranty and its lower price point than ultra-premium products.

  3. Experience – When you hire a professional painter, you should expect professional-grade results. Take the time to research the company you’re considering, making sure they have the proper experience and credentials to handle your project.

  4. Maintenance – Routine touch-ups, cleaning, and addressing minor repairs immediately all will contribute to a longer, more beautiful life for your exterior paint.

Take the Time to Find the Right Professional Exterior Painter

As we touched on above, it pays (literally) to find a true, dedicated professional painter who is passionate about their work.

If you live here in the Nashville area, we invite you to call us at Nash Painting. You’ll sense the difference immediately, and will enjoy the value we offer for years and years and years to come.