Top 6 Changes You Can Make to Your Deck and Fence to Update Your Yard

calander Sep 15 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Whether you’re aiming to get in those final summer cookouts or gearing up for fall campfires, your outdoor spaces offer a lot of opportunities for fun and relaxation this time of year. As you examine your deck, fence, and yard, however, you might find that it’s time to make some changes. It’s a good time to start thinking about these things, too -- winter may still be months away, but the cold weather always comes quicker than any of us anticipate. And once winter settles in, you’ll have to wait a while before you can renovate your outdoor features. Plus, now’s the time to properly prepare your deck, fence, and other features for the incoming cold weather. So, there are many reasons to improve your yard and its structures this summer and fall. With that in mind, let’s go over six of the most significant changes you can make to your deck and fence to update your outdoor space this season.

1. Make Repairs Both Big and Small

Consistent, regular maintenance goes a long way toward preserving and enhancing your home’s exterior features. Before tackling anything else, then, take stock of the current state of your deck and fence and note whether any repairs are required. Even if you’re generally on top of exterior maintenance, chances are there are some areas that will need touching up. You might, for instance, need to tighten some fasteners, replace a warped board, cut away instances of mold or rot, fill gaps, cracks, and holes, etc. At the very least, late summer and early fall present ideal times to hire pressure washing services to blast away any dirt and grime that have accumulated on your outdoor surfaces over the recent hot and humid months. Taking the time to care for your deck and fence in these ways might not update your yard’s appearance in a major way, but it will reduce the amount of time and energy you end up spending on major repairs and replacements down the line.

2. Expand Your Decking or Fencing

After you’ve taken care of general maintenance and repairs, you can think of ways to truly transform your outdoor spaces. For starters, consider making your deck and/or fence even more substantial. As of now, your fence might not extend as far as you’d like, or you might want to install fresh fencing in your yard to, say, protect newly planted vegetables. As for your deck, it might be time to expand its reach. Perhaps you’re installing a pool and want to extend your deck to accommodate this addition. Or maybe you want to wrap your deck around your house exterior to host larger gatherings, install more furniture, etc. Your idea of expansion might simply mean installing a railing or other smaller feature. Whatever the case, these additions will change the face of your yard in various ways. And if you get started soon enough, you should have time to complete the project before winter (or at least leave off at a good checkpoint to pick it back up in the spring).

3. Stain or Paint Your Deck/Fence a New Color

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s usually recommended to re-coat your deck and fence every 2-3 years (or as needed) to protect their porous surfaces from moisture, pests, temperature fluctuations, harsh sunlight, and more. Protection aside, though, applying new deck stain or paint is also an aesthetic opportunity. So, since you may need to re-stain your deck or fence anyway, why not use this opportunity to adjust the look of these features? With deck stain, your color options are somewhat limited -- you can go with darker or lighter stains with slight tints, but you won’t drastically change the look of your deck or fence. On the other hand, deck paint offers much more flexibility when it comes to color customization. If you’ve always wanted a pure white picket fence or a bold, bright red deck, the right type of paint will let you achieve your vision. If you simply want to protect your deck/fence from the elements and give it some fresh sheen and mild coloration, stain is the way to go. Either way, this change can have a big impact on your outdoor space in terms of both function and fashion.

4. Erect a Privacy Wall on Your Deck

Even the most outgoing homeowners appreciate their privacy. So, while a wide open deck has its perks (especially if you live in a particularly scenic spot), you might prefer something with some boundaries. Privacy walls let you enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about prying eyes -- plus, they add visual flair to any deck and help keep various pests at bay to boot. Think of a deck’s privacy wall like a small fence attached to one side (you can have more than one privacy wall, of course). These additions are relatively easy to install and also highly customizable. You might opt for a wooden wall with a chevron pattern or with planks that run perpendicular to your deck’s flooring, a metal wall with carved designs, a lattice wall, and so on. When it comes to both practicality and looks, the privacy wall possibilities are just about endless.

5. Take Cover with a Roof or Awning Addition

The weather often dictates whether or not we wish to spend time outdoors. Even if cold or hot weather keeps you from staying out on your deck, however, why let rain get in the way? Few things are more serene than watching and listening to the rain fall first hand out on your deck -- and few things are more uncomfortable than getting drenched before coming back inside. Fortunately, you can enjoy the downpour without getting it all over you by installing a roof or awning over your deck. This simple change won’t only protect you from getting soaked, either -- it will also shield your deck or patio flooring from moisture, reducing the risk of mold, mildew, rot, and other related problems. In other words, adding some overhead protection will minimize the amount of maintenance and repair work you need to invest in over time, all while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with fewer worries.

6. Build a Walkway from Your Fence to Your Deck

What separates an average yard from a first-rate one? The answer is subjective, of course, but there’s no denying that creating some connective tissue between your outdoor features can bring your entire outdoor space together. More specifically, consider building a beautiful walkway that goes from your fence to your deck. Once you figure out how you want such a path to cut through your yard, you can decide what material to construct it from, such as brick, stone, concrete, wood, or something else. Not only will this walkway make for a more unified and aesthetically pleasing yard, but it will also reduce the amount of foot traffic that ends up on your green spaces, protecting your lawn so it stays lush.

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