Top 7 Painter Reviews You'll Want to See Before Hiring Your Next Contractor

calander Jun 2 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

When it comes to painting your home or business, settling for so-so services simply won’t cut it. You want what’s best for your property, and not every painting contractor out there will be able to provide the level of quality you desire. That being said, choosing the right painter from the batch can be quite the challenge when there are so many out there fighting for your business. In order to feel confident in your decision, you must take the time to screen multiple candidates just as you would if you were hiring someone for any other position. These days, much of this initial screening process takes place online. Day in and day out, previous customers use sites such as Google, Facebook, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Trustpilot, and more to deliver public feedback about the painting provider they hired. These reviews are highly valuable for anyone looking to narrow their search for painting contractors.

With such an abundance of online reviews out there, though, reading them all can be impractical. Not only that -- you must also contend with potentially fake reviews posted by malicious actors and bots (a problem that we at Nash Painting faced not long ago). Therefore, it helps to have a streamlined system for reading painter reviews that reveal a potential candidate’s worthiness without sifting through every word across every platform. Certain phrases, words, and concepts can cue you into a quality painting company, especially if they pop up again and again. Here are the top seven key phrases and buzzwords to look for in an online review before hiring painting contractors.

1. “Professionalism and Expertise”

The best interior & exterior painting providers to work with are those with plenty of experience and the ability to convey that experience to their clients. Seeing the words “professional” and “experienced” (or modified versions of them) in a given painting review, then, is a good sign. Better yet, a review that outlines examples of the contractor’s level of expertise and professionalism will give you a clearer insight into their process and skills.

2. “Strong Communication”

Transparency is essential for any commercial or home painting project, especially ones that involve various steps and/or cover a large surface area. Every customer wants to be kept in the loop before, during, and even after the paint job. A failure to communicate can result in mismanaged scheduling, jobsite interference, safety hazards, surprise fees, and other issues. Conversely, strong communication allows customers to be a part of the process if they so desire and know exactly what’s happening on their property at a given time. As such, look for reviews that mention a painter’s high quality of communication. Once again, the more detailed the review is, the better. A past customer might mention, for instance, that their contractor reached out to them a year later to check up on their work and ask if any touch-ups were necessary -- that’s the type of painter you want in your corner.

3. “Competitive Pricing”

A good paint job is a solid investment, but no one wants to break the bank to get it done, either. Ultimately, you want to hire local painters that deliver quality results for a fair price. As you peruse various reviews for a potential candidate, see what people have to say about their prices. You might get a vague sense of a company’s pricing philosophy from their website, but hearing it from a customer is more valuable and tangible. Even if no one divulges the specific cost of their entire project, words like “fair,” “reasonable,” “competitive,” and “within budget” all paint a useful picture of what you might expect. If said painter offers free estimates, taking advantage of this service will give you a much more concrete sense of pricing, of course.

4. “Timely”

It’s no secret that painting projects take time. Still, no one wants to have painters inside and/or outside their property for weeks and weeks on end. Moreover, people don’t appreciate waiting for their contractor to show up when they said they’d be there at a particular time. Only hire painters that respect your time. The contractor you hire should be punctual, efficient, and offer flexible scheduling to meet your specific needs. Many glowing reviews will mention something about a company’s timeliness, as this factor matters to just about everyone, and most of us have dealt with those who don’t adhere to these standards.

5. “Beautiful Results”

While the conditions mentioned above are all important when hiring a commercial or residential painting contractor, they don’t mean much if the results themselves are lacking. Of course, if a painter is professional, experienced, communicative, and timely, odds are they’ll do a good job. Still, it’s also reassuring to read reviews that highlight how happy a customer was with the contractor’s work. Reviews that include pictures (especially before & after) are immensely valuable, giving you a real sense of what the contractor is capable of. You’ll also want to look for reviews that were written some time after the work was completed to get an idea of how well the paint job has held up; longevity is key.

6. “Courteous and Trustworthy”

Customers must place a fair deal of trust in their painting contractors. After all, these people are working directly on and in their home or business. In some cases, the property owner/manager won’t even be around for the entire project’s duration. While they’re few and far between, there are horror stories out there of contractors stealing items and information from clients, so it’s only natural to feel hesitant about hiring any company to paint your property. So, reviews that mention how friendly and accommodating a particular commercial painting contractor was are comforting. At Nash Painting, we go so far as to ask our clients whether they’re okay (or not okay) with us playing music, using the bathroom, parking in a specific spot, etc. We know how important privacy is, so we do everything to respect customer boundaries.

7. “Committed to Quality”

Finally, look for reviews that express a painter’s commitment to getting the job done right. Even the most experienced and reliable painters make mistakes -- the mark of a truly great contractor is that they’re willing to acknowledge their errors and make things right at no additional cost. If a review mentions that the contractor came back to tackle touch-ups and/or features an extended warranty of some kind, they’re worth giving a chance.

Reputation Matters

Hiring the first painting contractor you come across without second thought is a big risk -- sometimes a disastrous one. You owe it to yourself and your property to do your homework prior to partnering up with a painter. Reading reviews the right way is a great place to start. As you do, prioritize painters that know what they’re doing, maintain communication throughout, deliver great results for a fair price, and are flexible, efficient, and considerate. We’re proud to say that these qualities perfectly represent Nash Painting, and our various customers across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN can attest to that. Click here to read some of our glowing customer testimonials. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!