Transformation Tuesday

calander Apr 28 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

"I mean it when I say I cried tears of happiness walking in! I couldn’t believe what a difference the paint made, or what an incredible job Nash Painting did!"

Nash Painting was honored to be featured for Well Worth It's Transformation Tuesday. Nashville, TN Blogger Shannon Woodworth needed interior painting completed, and we were up to the challenge. We completed our standard, thorough estimate that included all the characters she'd need for a perfect finish. Before starting the painting project, we completed a walk-through, answering any final questions.

Transformation Tuesday: Painting Services We Provided

Nash Painting loves taking on multiple painting projects for our homeowners. Where other local house painters turned Shannon down, we were eager to get started so she and her husband could more fully enjoy their first home together.

Challenges we tackled in this project included:

  • Priming and Painting 7 Interior Rooms
  • Getting Rid of Very Dark Red and Green Wall paints
  • Ceiling Painting
  • Using a Back to Basics Approach to Paint Color Selection While Still Keeping it Interesting
  • Achieving a Seamless Finish Across Multiple Surfaces

Julio and his team of expert home interior painters completed this whole job, start to finish, in 2 business days.

Superior Service: Big Impact

As with all our clients, the Nash Painting team thoroughly enjoyed working with Shannon and her husband. We were committed to treating her home as our own, and to communicating any project updates clearly and concisely. Shannon and her spouse were able to come and go according to their normal routine, and had a stunning home makeover in just two days. Thank you, Shannon, for inviting us to make your home beautiful.

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