What Are the Benefits of a Solid Coating for Your Deck in Nashville, TN?

calander May 18 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

When it comes to deck care and maintenance, most Nashville homeowners simply think of “stain” in a broad, general sense. And, when you do, you might just picture a transparent stain with low opacity that adds a fresh, natural look.

These stains are popular for a reason, offering an attractive layer of protection that showcases the wood’s natural character.

The only downside is that stained wood requires more upkeep when compared to paint. That translucent style comes with a price; you’ll need to refinish every 2 years or so to keep the wood thoroughly protected.

Here’s an attractive alternative: have you ever considered a solid coating?

Solid Stains and Elastomeric Deck Coatings

Here are the 3 key benefits of a solid stain or elastomeric paint:

  1. Easier maintenance! Elastomeric paint creates a smooth surface, making routine cleaning (and even gentle pressure washing) simple.

  2. Surface protection! Yes, semi-transparent stains offer protection, but opacity shields against UV damage and moisture even more effectively. You don’t have the natural look that a semi-solid or translucent stain offers, but you do have a durable barrier.

  3. Longer-lasting finish, depending on a variety of environmental factors and level of use. In fact, elastomeric paint can last 2-3 times as long while costing the same!

One other key benefit is that solid finishes cover surface blemishes more effectively too, making them perfect for older surfaces.

What Product Do We Use?

We’re transparent about the products we use! We want you to know the value, and to know that every choice we make is backed by successful use and proven performance. In this case, we believe in Sherwin-Williams’ SuperDeck. It’s a fantastic choice, and it looks fantastic!

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