What Cabinet Refinishing Services Do I Need to Enhance My Home Resale Value?

calander Feb 9 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

A kitchen’s condition can make or break a home sale. This important room is often one of the first that potential buyers closely examine when browsing homes. Kitchens consist of many key features, but cabinets must not be taken for granted. If your kitchen cabinets are falling apart or otherwise outdated, your home’s resale value can take a significant blow – and you’ll also have a harder time convincing buyers to close the deal. Conversely, investing in cabinet refinishing can transform your kitchen and increase your home’s value in relatively short order. Despite the initial cost of such a project, a quality cabinet resurfacing project can yield as much as a 77% return on investment (ROI), which is higher than many other renovations.

With all this in mind, what cabinet refinishing services do you need to ensure that your home’s resale value gets a worthwhile bump in the market?

Most Common Cabinet Refinishing Services

Comprehensive Cabinet Refinishing

In order to ensure the maximum ROI of a cabinet renovation, you can’t cut any corners. There are a number of key steps to painting cabinets, all of which must be followed – these include disassembly, cleaning, sanding, priming, coating (either with paint, stain, varnish, etc.), and reassembly. It’s possible to attempt these steps on your own, but the job is much more easily done by professionals. If you do hire pro painters for your cabinet refinishing, work with contractors who offer comprehensive services, including all the aforementioned prep work as well as additional perks, such as painting over painted cabinets, offering a variety of paint/finish options, and more. This way, you’ll be able to customize your services and guarantee the best results.

Cabinet Finish Selection

The cabinet painting company you hire shouldn’t just be able to deliver quality, comprehensive coating services – they should also help you in the planning stages, if needed. After all, if you’re refinishing your cabinets in order to increase your home’s resale value, you must consider which colors and finishes will garner the most appeal. Most homeowners aren’t experts in interior design, nor are they up to date on current home trends. This is where the professionals come in. The cabinet refinishing services you work with should be able to help you find the best paint finish for your cabinets, both in terms of longevity and popularity.

Additional Interior Painting Services

A cabinet refinishing project is a fairly large undertaking, but it might only be part of a larger interior renovation. Some homeowners realize that updating their cabinets would best coincide with updating their walls and other surfaces, too, especially if they plan on significantly changing up their cabinet colors. Ideally, then, the painters you hire should also have the skills and resources to paint walls and ceilings in conjunction with cabinet refinishing. A total kitchen makeover can yield an even larger ROI and further increase your home’s value more than a cabinet renovation alone.

Seal the Deal with Cabinet Refinishing

Of all the ways you can prepare your home for sale, updating your cabinets is among the most significant. Couple a cabinet refinishing project with a larger interior makeover, and you can quickly turn your home into a hot commodity. Make sure you work with a cabinet painting company that can tackle all sorts of home renovation projects. At Nash Painting, we offer comprehensive painting, repair, and renovation services to our clients across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!