What Color Should I Paint My House Before Selling?

calander Jun 15 , 2023 user-icon Nash Painting

As we often say, paint color is a powerful thing! In fact, if you’re planning on selling your Nashville home, choosing the right interior and exterior paint can make a significant impact on its appeal to potential buyers. It’s a secret weapon, ramping up curb appeal and influencing perception, all by leveraging color psychology.

Ready to get rolling? Let’s explore everything you need to know to make effective paint color choices, stirring up the best offers and most interest possible.

Neutral and Timeless Shades

Trendy colors are fun, but they should be used sparingly. It’s much safer to opt for neutral paint colors that have a broad appeal and can accommodate a variety of interior design styles. Neutral shades like beige, light gray, or off-white create a fresh and inviting look that allows buyers to envision their own furniture and decor in the space.

Light and Bright Colors

Light and bright paint colors have the power to make a space feel more spacious, airy, and welcoming. All good things! And remember, “neutral” doesn’t mean white, or that it needs to be bland. Opting for pale blues, soft greens, or light yellows can evoke a sense of tranquility and create a soothing atmosphere; this is particularly effective in rooms that enjoy a lot of natural light. Anything you can do to foster a cheerful ambiance is helpful!

Coordinating with the Neighbors

We’re all about individualized style, but it’s still important to have your home flow with the neighborhood. While having a crisp, stylish aesthetic, you want to harmonize with the surrounding properties and blend into the surroundings. If you want a touch of color to showcase your personality, maybe add an accent color to your front door, trim, or shutters rather than making a more widespread statement.

What Color Should I Paint My House Before Selling?

Accent Colors for Visual Interest

Building on that last point, Incorporating accent colors strategically can add visual interest to your house and highlight architectural features. While neutral tones should dominate the overall color scheme, bolder colors can be sparingly used on front doors, shutters, or trim to create focal points and ramp up your curb appeal. Try using complementary or contrasting colors for these accents, drawing attention and making your property stand out.

Considering the Style of the House

Keep in mind that the architectural style of your house can (and should) greatly influence the paint color choices. Different styles have specific color palettes that best complement their design features. For instance, a traditional house might benefit from classic colors like whites, creams, or muted earth tones. On the other hand, a modern house can embrace bold and contemporary colors to accentuate its clean lines. Considering the architectural style helps in selecting a paint color that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and maintains the integrity of the design.

Consultation with a Professional

If you get stuck, talk to a professional house painter and/or color consultant. Experts have valuable insights, and are exposed to a lot of options and ideas based on market trends and buyer preferences. Use this to your advantage! They can also help you pick colors that appeal to a target demographic of potential buyers, plus create an appealing, cohesive color scheme.

Testing Sample Colors

Once you have ideas and a direction, don’t commit right away. We strongly recommend testing paint colors on various areas of your house, such as the front facade or a side wall, and observe how they interact with natural light during different times of the day. Don’t rely on swatches, but actually apply the color. This process lets you visualize the final effect and make an informed decision about the paint color that best suits your house's unique characteristics.

What’s the Takeaway?

Don’t rush the process! Plan colors strategically, work with professionals, and test your colors to be sure you really love them before committing to the actual painting process. Your colorful opportunities are too important to miss.

If you have any more questions about house painting in Nashville, contact us at Nash Painting. We’d love to put our experience and professional connections to work for you.