What Commercial Repairs You Can Easily Do when You're Closed for the Holidays

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Some businesses kick into high gear during the holidays, but others shut down for several days, if not weeks. If your business falls into this latter category, you can use this downtime to your advantage in a number of ways. Sure, you might not want to deal with commercial repairs during your time off, but consider the difficulties posed by tackling these repairs during regular business hours. Even some smaller repairs and renovations can take multiple days to complete, so having a string of days without employees or customers present is often the perfect opportunity to take care of those things you’ve been putting off. Let’s outline some of the commercial improvements you can more easily manage while you’re on a holiday hiatus this year.

Commercial Repairs to Complete During the Holidays

Routine Inspections

Though not a repair in and of itself, a facility walkthrough is an important task to oversee at least once a year. These routine inspections help reveal potential problems and areas of concern so matters don’t get any worse and are often necessary for compliance reasons. Because these inspections must cover the entirety of your facility, they’re most efficiently conducted when virtually no one else is around (hence, the holidays). Comprehensive workplace inspections vary in duration, but most take about 2-3 hours to complete by professionals. Once finished, you’ll have a much better understanding of what types of repairs you should make between now and the end of your holiday break. Ideally, you’ll be able to get everything done in this timespan.

A Full Facility Deep Clean

Regardless of what you discover after a facility walkthrough, it’s always a good idea to clean your facility’s surfaces and assets during this time. For one thing, you or your cleaning contractors will have much easier access to every area in your building while you’re shut down. Additionally, you’ll be able to enter the new year with a squeaky clean workplace, which is great for employee morale and your business’ reputation. It’s also easier to assess clean surfaces for damage since dirt, dust, and debris can cover up cracks, mold, moisture, and more. You might not be easily able to clean your facility’s exterior surfaces due to cold conditions, but your interiors are entirely fair game at this time.

Interior and Exterior Caulking

High-quality caulk can hold up for about five years, but it’s worth checking up on your facility’s caulking annually to make sure all gaps and seams remain sealed. The holidays are an especially good time to audit your caulk not only because you’ll likely have some downtime, but also because the air in Nashville, TN starts getting chilly around this time -- if your facility isn’t properly insulated at all levels, cold air can creep through the cracks and make your facility less comfortable during the winter. To make matters worse, poor insulation can take a major blow to your building’s energy efficiency, which in turn hurts your business’ bottom line. For all these reasons, take the time to check and (if necessary) re-do your facility’s caulking both inside and out. Fresh, durable caulk will help keep out air, moisture, pests, and more.

Floor Repairs

Flooring fixes and replacements are some of the most challenging renovations to pull off during standard operations. After all, every customer and employee needs solid flooring in order to navigate your facility, so missing portions of flooring can slow things down and create safety hazards. If your facility is in need of a floor refresh, then there might be no better time to tackle it than during your holiday break. Even a long weekend should be long enough for a variety of flooring projects to get done. Consider how much more efficient, safe, and appealing your facility will be when employees and customers return to brand new floors next year.

Drywall Repairs

In most cases, drywall repairs don’t take too long to complete and don’t interfere too much with the surrounding area. That said, fixing your walls during business hours can be a distraction and eyesore for workers and customers alike. To avoid these negative outcomes and hurry things along, it might simply make more sense to repair your drywall and other interior surfaces while you’re closed for the holidays. At the same time, you don’t want to wait too long to repair visible drywall damage, so you might opt to tackle this project before the holiday break.

Interior Commercial Painting

During your facility walkthrough and/or cleanup, you’ll get a closer look at the condition of your facility’s interior paint job. If it’s been several years since you hired interior painting services to coat your surfaces, chances are you’ll notice several spots that could use touching up at the very least. Depending on how long it’s been and how active your facility is, you might even decide that it’s time to repaint your entire interior. Attempting such a comprehensive project with workers and customers around is a recipe for disaster and will only prolong the project’s length. So, it only makes sense to wait until you have a handful of days off in a row to coat your surfaces. This way, you can properly ventilate your facility, easily move objects out of the way, eliminate the risk of anyone touching/smudging wet paint, mitigate odors by the time people return, etc. If outdoor temperatures weren’t so low around the holidays, it would also be a great time to tackle commercial exterior painting. However, it might be more practical to schedule these services for spring/early summer (Nashville, TN conditions can still be relatively mild during the holidays, though, so it all depends).

Refinishing Your Front Entry Door

Your business’ entrance makes a strong impression on everyone who comes in. If you want to start the new year off right, consider updating your front entry door during the holiday break. Keep in mind that a door refinishing project often requires removing the door from its hinges -- during the winter, this can allow cold air to enter your facility. This outcome might not be a big deal if your building is unoccupied, of course, but an influx of cold air and other outdoor elements may do harm to your assets. As such, you might opt to paint or refinish your door while it’s still attached. Whatever the case, professional contractors can accommodate your facility’s needs while still providing your front door (and other doors) with a visual and integral upgrade.

Take Advantage of Your Business’ Holiday Downtime

Your business might be closed for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean it’s shut off from important renovations and repairs. On the contrary, there’s no better time than the holidays to tackle a host of commercial projects, including commercial painting, cleaning, caulking, floor repairs, drywall repairs, door refinishing, and more. The experts at Nash Painting work year-round to help businesses like yours across Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN improve their facilities without getting in the way of employees or customers.

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