What Commercial Repairs You Can Easily Do when You're Closed for the Holidays

calander Nov 11 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

While some businesses thrive during the festive season, others take a break. If you're in the latter group, use this downtime for maintenance and improvements. Addressing commercial repairs during the holidays eliminates the challenge of disruptions during normal business hours. So, take advantage of consecutive off days to tackle deferred tasks. Here are some key commercial improvements to consider during your holiday hiatus.

Top Commercial Repairs for the Holiday Season

Routine Facility Inspections

Not technically a repair, yearly facility walkthroughs are crucial. They spot potential issues and meet compliance requirements. Conduct them when your facility is empty (like during holidays) for efficiency. Typically taking 2-3 hours for professionals, you'll end with a clear repair roadmap for your holiday break.

Deep Cleaning of the Facility

Independent of your inspection results, a deep clean is beneficial. The absence of staff and customers facilitates a thorough cleaning, ensuring you start the new year fresh. Clean spaces also make damage assessment easier. While exterior cleaning may be challenging due to cold weather, focus on sprucing up the interiors.

Caulking: Interior and Exterior

Caulking usually lasts around five years, but yearly checks are prudent. The holiday season, especially in chilly Nashville, TN, is ideal to ensure proper insulation. Proper caulking ensures energy efficiency, preventing cold air intrusion and potential increases in operational costs. Quality caulking keeps out pests, moisture, and the cold.

Floor Upgrades

Floor repairs are disruptive during regular business. The holiday break offers an opportunity to address flooring needs, ensuring a safer and aesthetically pleasing space when business resumes.

Drywall Fixes

Addressing drywall issues during work hours can be distracting. Opt for the holidays to tackle such repairs, ensuring minimal disruptions and a fresh look for the new year.

Interior Painting

Refresh your interiors with a new coat of paint. Holiday breaks allow for efficient painting tasks, with fewer disturbances and adequate ventilation opportunities. Given Nashville's milder winters, exterior painting might still be feasible.

Revamping the Front Door

Make a memorable impression with a refurbished entrance. Whether you decide on a repaint or a complete overhaul, professionals can cater to your requirements, ensuring an enhanced facade for the new year.

Maximize Your Business’ Holiday Downtime

Being closed for the holidays doesn't sideline essential improvements. From commercial painting and cleaning to floor and door refinishing, trust Nash Painting. Serving Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, TN, we enhance your facility without hindering operations.