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What Is the PDCA, and What Does Our Membership Mean for You?

calander Apr 18 , 2019 user-icon Nash Painting

Does your painting company SHOW their value, or just talk about it?

That key question unlocks one of the best ways to know that you’ve found a reputable, quality service provider (across really any trade). After all, it’s easy to use words like excellence, quality, and craftsmanship, but what does that really look like where the rubber meets the road?

One practical way to evaluate this commitment is by seeing which professional associations your painter is part of. Who do they rub shoulders with, collaborate with, and grow with?

Here at Nash Painting, we’re proud to be members of the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America).

What Is the PDCA?

Since 1884, the PDCA has been a national trade association that is absolutely committed to the success of our industry, primarily by reinforcing ethics, ongoing education, and excellence. In short, they elevate the work we do by helping painters succeed and better themselves around the U.S.A. and Canada.

Working ethically, responsibly, and to the very best of our ability is critically important to us, making the PDCA and its resources a perfect organization to align ourselves with.

A Closer Look At Our Ethics and Industry Standards as Painters

If you’d like to review the complete Industry Standards, they’re available right here.

In short, and what we love most, is that everything comes down to communication and expectations. Clear communication and articulated expectations protect you, the consumer, and also protect us as the service provider. That deep level of transparency is crucial for everyone involved.

The Professional Painter’s Code of Ethics

If you have a fresh cup of coffee poured, take a moment to look at the PDCA’s full code of ethics.

If you want the bullet point version, each ethic is built on an obligation we believe we have to contractors, the public, our fellow members, our employees, and our organization as a whole. These deep obligations, and the part we play in elevating our trade, are the tenets upon which we build our practices and procedures as a company.

You Need To Feel Comfortable with Your Painting Company

Painting is a personal process, especially when it involves your home and spaces you love. Isn’t it important that you find a painter who values your time, investment, and quality of life?

If you have any other questions for us at Nash Painting, it would be our pleasure to chat with you. Contact us today!