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What Paint Projects to Budget for When Adding onto Your Home

calander Oct 19 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Adding onto your home or expanding and opening up its existing spaces requires plenty of careful planning. While the best home additions can bump up your home’s resale value, the short-term costs of such projects are sometimes too much to bear. If you can’t devote the time, energy, or finances toward a home addition in its entirety, you might end up pouring a seemingly endless amount of money into it only to be left with poor results or an incomplete project. As you start putting together a budget for a potential home addition, you must keep every detail in mind. For instance, no home addition is complete without fresh coatings -- if you forget to include the painting portion of your project in your calculations, you might end up with a much larger bill than you had planned for.

With all that in mind, here are some important paint projects to budget for when preparing to add onto your home.

Important Paint Projects to Budget For

Cabinet and Wall Painting for Kitchen Additions

Kitchens are among the most important rooms inside a home, greatly contributing to a potential buyer’s final decision. It only makes sense, then, that a high-quality kitchen addition or expansion can elevate a home’s appeal and value by a significant margin. Of course, even relatively small kitchen add-ons and renovations can be costly -- the cost to strip and paint kitchen cabinets alone is no small chunk of change. When adding onto your kitchen, keep in mind that you’ll need to paint the new walls as well as any new cabinets (and other surfaces) included in the project. And if you plan on retaining the same color scheme throughout your entire kitchen (including the new area), you’ll want to invest in color matching services (unless you carefully document the paint types and colors used for different parts of your home).

Mudroom Interior Painting

There are many reasons to add a mudroom or vestibule to your home. For starters, mudrooms provide a convenient area for storing coats, shoes, keys, umbrellas, and other important items. Additionally, mudrooms help keep the rest of your home clean by allowing guests and residents to wipe off and/or remove their shoes before stepping into the main areas. And because these rooms are relatively small (generally speaking), they’re among the more cost-effective additions you can make to your home. And when it comes to home interior painting, you likely won’t have to worry about covering too much surface area, so the cost of materials and labor will stay low, too.

Painting the Inside and Outside of a Sunroom Add-On

Sunrooms and three-season rooms are also worthy additions to any home. However, unless you’re converting an existing room into a sunroom, you’ll have to think about both interior and exterior painting before deciding to invest in this add-on. After all, a sunroom juts out from the property like a deck, but it’s enclosed like any other room. On the plus side, sunrooms and three-season rooms primarily consist of large windows, meaning paintable surfaces only make up a small amount of their total surface area. In other words, you won’t need to purchase as much paint to fully coat a sunroom interior or exterior as you would most other surfaces inside and outside your home. It’s also worth noting that typical interior paint might not be optimal for the inside of your sunroom, since it will be regularly bombarded by sunlight and more prone to other environmental factors as well -- read our previous blog “Home Interior Painting Tips for Your Sunroom” for more on this topic.

Glossy Finishes for Bathroom Extensions

Bathrooms and kitchens are very different kinds of rooms, but they’re similar in their primacy when it comes to home value. So, just as adding onto your kitchen can greatly increase your home’s value, so too can renovating your bathroom. There’s a lot to consider before embarking on a bathroom extension, of course, such as plumbing, insulation, ventilation, etc. After you’ve got these key details sorted out, remember that painting is one of the last things you’ll have to do. And just like the rest of your bathroom, you’ll want to invest in durable, glossier finishes, ranging from satin to high-gloss, complete with mildew resistance. The last thing you want is for this additional area to take on water damage or mold growth shortly after constructing it.

Productive Paint Colors for a Home Office

A home office is another great addition to a home, one that’s growing in popularity in no small part due to the rapid changes we’re seeing in the workplace. Rather than create an entirely new room, most homeowners transform an existing space (e.g., kids’ bedroom, guest room, basement) into their office. Whatever the case, the paint you choose for your office is an important factor in your ongoing productivity. Indeed, some paint colors are more conducive to concentration than others. Your color decisions will ultimately come down to your personal preference, of course.

Deck and Patio Painting/Staining

Installing a brand new deck or patio is a dream for many homeowners. Still, such a welcome addition comes with great responsibility. Wooden decks and concrete patios are susceptible to all sorts of damage from the environment, including water, wind, temperature fluctuations, pests, sunlight, and more. So, the work isn’t done right after your fresh deck is finally in place. Proper deck sanding and staining (or painting) is next on the agenda (or the equivalent for concrete patios). Sealing these outdoor surfaces will keep them well-protected from those aforementioned hazards and enhance their overall appearance.

Floor Coatings for Garage Expansions

If you’re planning on extending and/or adding onto your garage, odds are you have a bigger picture in mind, such as transforming your garage into an entertainment room, work space, showroom, etc. Whatever the case may be, brand new garage floors are key in completing this makeover. Epoxy paint and other similar coatings are among the most popular options for garage floors. Your garage add-on will also affect your house exterior, of course, so prepare to tackle some exterior painting as well.

It Adds Up

Most home additions don’t come cheap, as they’re meant to be significant investments that ultimately yield a worthy return. Keep in mind that painting is almost always a vital part of any home addition or renovation. And while the painting portion of the project might not be the most expensive or time-consuming, you’ll want to include it in your budget planning nonetheless. At Nash Painting, we aim to help our clients across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN achieve their vision, whether they’re adding onto their home or merely touching up an old paint job.

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