What You Can Expect from a Color Consultation

calander Nov 17 , 2020 user-icon Nash Painting

There’s virtually an endless amount of colors to choose from when planning to paint your home. No pressure, right? Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few who knows precisely the colors with which to grace their interior and exterior surfaces. If not (like most people), you’ve got your work cut out for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to embark on the hunt for the perfect paint color alone. Numerous painting services offer color consultation services to help their clients navigate this highly subjective, high-stakes matter. If you’ve never received this type of help before, though, you might have reservations regarding who gets the final say in your property’s appearance. Not to fear -- let’s go over what you can expect from a color consultation.

Be Prepared to Ask and Answer Plenty of Questions

An effective color consultation can only occur when all the cards are put on the table. Maintaining strong communication between you and your home painting consultant will ensure that your choices are well-informed, aesthetically pleasing, and ultimately your own. So, come prepared with a set of questions, concerns, and comments, and be ready to answer various questions as well. Some questions your consultant might ask include:

  • Do you have particular color preferences and/or a specific scheme in mind?
  • Do you have style preferences or certain inspirations in mind?
  • Are the room’s current furnishings going to stay or will the room be refurnished?
  • Is the room in question being repurposed?
  • What are plans for the room (if it’s a new addition)?
  • Are you trying to match, complement, or contrast other colors?

The more detailed your answers to questions like these, the more productive your consultation will be. Just make sure you’re honest in all of your answers. After all, you get the final word in your home’s aesthetic.

Local Trends Will Play a Role

In the end, your color choices don’t need to be influenced by any external factors or opinions -- however, if you’re hiring a color consultant, you’re clearly looking for some of that outside advice, and your consultant would be remiss to not fill you in on local color trends. Indeed, paying attention to the color and style choices of properties in your area can spark some much-needed inspiration. Beyond that, keeping with regional trends helps you maintain your home’s market value. If your house exterior dons a color scheme that is wildly outside the norm it will certainly draw attention, but it might not attract potential buyers should you decide to sell in the future. So, if you wish to optimize your home’s appeal, it’s worth reaching out to local painters and/or color consultants regarding which colors will boost your home’s value the most.

You’ll Have Access to Expert Opinions and Resources

Color selection can be as simple or as deep a process as you wish to make it. At its most basic level, color selection is about going with the hues that you like, but on a more complex level, color selection ties into psychology (i.e. the ways in which colors and their interplay affect our emotions and mental state), physics (i.e. how light affects the appearance and character of a given color), and more. The average person isn’t expected to have extensive knowledge of these matters, but professional color consultants keep this complexity in mind at all times. As such, they bring a comprehensive perspective to the table, giving you advice and ideas that you might not have considered before when selecting colors for your home.

You’ll Save Time and Money

If you go it alone, the color selection process can be even more time-consuming than the painting process itself. You might also spend an inordinate amount of money on various samples and on undoing or redoing a paint job that you’re ultimately unhappy with. If you can expect anything from color consultation services, it’s that they will save you time, money, and frustration. After your very first meeting, your consultant can narrow down your color options to a manageable portion so you’re not scrolling through page after page of online ideas and inspiration blogs. And while color consultation services aren’t free, they often cost less than the amount it might take to fix a major color mistake -- plus, these offerings are sometimes built into your painting services or provided at a discount, depending on who you hire. Either way, you’ll likely save in the long run.

Your Color Consultant Can Act as Tie-Breaker

Not every homeowner will seek color consultation services right away, instead choosing to sift through their options on their own. Once the pool has been narrowed enough, though, making that final call can be the most difficult part of the process. At this juncture, a trusted color consultant can come in and provide their opinion, nudging you in what they deem the right direction. You don’t have to go with their decision, but if you truly don’t know which color to choose among your few remaining options, it helps to have an objective third party break the tie and let you move on.

A Color Consultation Can Make Your Space More Cohesive

A large part of what makes color selection so challenging (especially when it comes to choosing interior house paint) is that you’re not merely contending with changing the look of your walls and other surfaces -- you’re doing so within the context of an entire space, which is complete with other colors (i.e. furniture, decor, etc.). In other words, the whole of a given room should be taken into account when choosing colors. You might be in love with a particular shade of orange, but if your furniture and decor don’t complement or provide a strong contrast to said color, your interior space might not come together in an appealing way. A major part of a color consultant’s job (perhaps the most important part), then, is to unite a room, amplifying its aesthetic in every way possible. If you circle back to the examples of common questions color consultants will ask, this becomes abundantly clear -- the goal is to improve a space and make it more dynamic through strategic color choices. Unless you have a background in interior design, these services are invaluable in this regard.

Considering a Color Consultation?

Every successful paint project begins with confident color selections. If you’re preparing to paint your property in Nashville, TN, Brentwood, TN, or Franklin, TN, the pros at Nash Painting can help you choose the right colors for your exterior and interior spaces. To find out more about us, our services, and our values, call us at (615) 829-6858 today!