What Your Nonprofit Entry Says About Your Cause

calander Jul 7 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Nonprofit entities are crucial cornerstones of communities all across the United States. If you operate or work for a nonprofit, then you’re likely already aware of the importance of these organizations. As noble as your organization’s efforts may be, however, many nonprofits face an uphill battle when it comes to advertising and maintaining steady support. Part of the problem is simply helping those in your community understand your nonprofit's goals. Spelling things out isn’t always the best way to go -- sometimes, you need a simpler and bolder approach. The way you care for, paint, and decorate your building’s or office’s entryway, for instance, can go a long way toward capturing people’s attention and conveying your cause.

Here are some things the entrance of your nonprofit can say about your organization’s cause.

What to Communicate with Your Nonprofit Entry

The Name of Your Organization

The entrance of your nonprofit building or office should boldly declare your organization’s title, ideally with a memorable logo and color scheme. If space allows, it’s also worth adding a blurb/motto of some kind underneath the name to drive home the purpose of your nonprofit, such as “Clothing Drop-Off Center,” “Education and Research,” “Community Center,” etc. The signage donning your nonprofit's entrance shouldn’t just reveal your name and purpose, however -- it should also reflect your organization in its design. Indeed, nonprofits must adhere to the tenets of branding just like any other commercial entity, despite the differences in desired outcomes. Both exterior and interior painting professionals can help you maximize the impact of your signage so passersby and visitors alike can immediately grasp what your organization is all about.

Who You Serve

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the same certainly applies to your nonprofit's overall aesthetic. And considering your organization’s entrance is the first thing people will witness when passing by or entering it, the way this area looks can intrinsically reveal a lot about your nonprofit. For instance, consider the differences between a nonprofit that serves military veterans vs. one that aims to educate and help children in need. While both causes serve the community in a direct way, they do so via different means, and therefore their messaging/branding should differ as well. As such, the commercial painting job for the nonprofit that serves community children might feature brighter, primary colors. Likewise, its logo might be more kid-oriented (e.g., a puzzle piece, pencil, toy train, etc.). Conversely, the veteran-serving nonprofit might feature a subtler entrance with a more basic font, neutral colors, and so on. Directly inside your building/office, you might also install pictures of some of the people you serve in your community, further emphasizing the purpose of your organization.

What Makes Your NonProfit Unique

As we’ve just established, no two nonprofits are exactly alike. Even two nearby organizations that serve similar purposes/communities will have various differences, both big and small (there is certainly no shortage of nonprofits in Nashville, Tennessee). Though nonprofits aren’t engaged in the same type of competition that for-profit businesses are, competition is still very much a force in the nonprofit space. Simply put, every nonprofit entity -- whether a charitable organization (501(c)(3)), civic league and social welfare organization (501(c)(4)), social advocacy group, or otherwise -- must constantly vie for the public’s attention and contributions if it wishes to achieve its goals. As such, you want your nonprofit to set itself apart from others. One way to help your organization stand out is by choosing a unique, noteworthy color scheme for your entryway and exterior as a whole. Better yet, your color choices should somehow represent the purpose of your nonprofit. Environmental awareness organizations, for instance, often opt for green, though there are many shades of green you might consider in this situation. An experienced exterior painting contractor can also help you choose the right color scheme for your property so your nonprofit is nearly impossible to miss from afar.

The Success of Your NonProfit

Nonprofit organizations aren’t meant or allowed to raise money for purposes outside of the organization; however, this doesn’t mean that these entities don’t require steady streams of income. On the contrary, nonprofits need an adequate cash flow to keep their operations afloat and spread their message throughout the community. Part of this equation involves taking great care of your nonprofit's property. After all, the more appealing your physical presence is, the more attention you’ll capture. Likewise, a well-maintained nonprofit projects a sense of pride and success that serves to further enhance your prestige. In other words, the better you take care of your entryway, exterior, and interior, the stronger your reputation will become. Consider hiring pressure washing services at least twice a year to thoroughly clean your building’s exterior, have your property repainted about every 5-7 years or as needed to keep things vibrant, and stay on top of minor repairs and touch-ups to avoid major issues.

Your Organization’s Longevity

While keeping your nonprofit's property fresh and new speaks to its success, there’s something to be said for antiquity as well. Some of the most prominent nonprofits have been around for centuries, and many remain in the same location as they’ve been since their inception. Old and historic buildings need maintenance and renovation too, of course, but preserving their archaic look tells guests, volunteers, employees, and donors that your nonprofit has an enduring quality that’s inherently valuable. When it comes to, say, refinishing your front entry door, then consider hiring a painting company that understands the importance of adhering to a building’s well-worn appearance -- this is a delicate balance, but nonprofits that have been around for some time stand to benefit from conveying their longevity in this way.

Complementing the Cause

If your nonprofit resides in Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin, TN, it’s in good company. The competition in these parts can be stiff, but by focusing on your entity’s entrance and overall physical appearance, you can swiftly get your message across and gain more support than you perhaps thought possible. At Nash Painting, nonprofit organizations are among the many properties we’re equipped to enhance. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!