When Is the Best Time to Repaint an HOA Clubhouse?

calander Sep 11 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Homeowners associations (HOAs) require consistent, high-quality maintenance to keep property values high and meet the expectations of all current and prospective residents. At the same time, however, painting HOA properties can be a major challenge for managers and residents alike. Every HOA comes with a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), which lays out what residents can and cannot do to their homes (if they wish to stay in the association’s good graces, that is). CC&Rs often dictate everything from allowable paint colors to the proper times of day and year to hire contractors. These rules also apply to shared, non-residential HOA properties like clubhouses. After all, the main purpose of CC&Rs is to keep the community uniform. When it comes to repainting an HOA’s clubhouse, then, certain restrictions regarding color selection, scheduling, and more will be at play.

So, when is the best time to repaint an HOA clubhouse? As you might guess, there’s no straight answer to this question -- the right answer depends on your unique situation. Generally speaking, however, some times are better than others for tasks such as clubhouse painting. Let’s discuss what this project might entail and how to find the right time to get it done.

What’s Involved in HOA Clubhouse Painting, Anyway?

Every HOA clubhouse is different, but a repainting project usually involves the same basic tasks -- cleaning and preparing surfaces, priming them, and finally painting them. What makes HOA clubhouse painting trickier than other painting tasks is that 1) these properties tend to feature various types of surfaces and 2) they’re shared by several people, sometimes year-round. So, not only must you contend with coating, say, concrete pool decks, vinyl siding, interior drywall, etc. -- you must also ensure that these areas aren’t off-limits to residents for too long. A complete clubhouse renovation may take several days to several weeks (or more) depending on your goals. At the very least, you’ll want to hire pressure washing services, repair contractors, and painters (ideally, you’ll find a provider that can handle all renovations under one roof). Moreover, the contractor(s) you hire must be able to abide by your HOA’s CC&Rs through and through.

Paint Exteriors Shortly After Summer

With so much complexity inherent in an HOA clubhouse paint job, you might not know where to begin. To make things easier, consider the times of year when your clubhouse is least busy. For most HOAs, this will be after summer and before spring. Of course, when it comes to painting your clubhouse’s exterior, you won’t want to wait until winter -- you still want it to be warm enough for exterior painting services to comfortably work. You also want there to be a decent amount of daylight for the task at hand. Therefore, early autumn is often a great time to have your HOA clubhouse exterior painted. If your clubhouse features a pool, it will be closed around this time, and there should be less foot traffic overall. Even if the project takes a few days/weeks, it won’t be a major burden on residents. Also, tackling this project in early fall will ensure that your clubhouse’s exterior surfaces are well-protected from the incoming colder weather.

Get Started on Exteriors Early in the Day

Whenever you decide to repaint your HOA’s clubhouse, it’s also wise to have your painters get an early start (this is standard practice, but still worth mentioning). Starting early in the day maximizes the amount of daylight exterior painting companies have to work in a given work day and also allows them to get plenty done before the sun reaches its peak and really heats things up. Ultimately, getting a head start results in a more efficient project.

The Weather Must Be Right

The forecast is another important factor for exterior painting. High winds, rainfall, and other extreme conditions will put a painting project on pause. If you schedule painting services weeks or months in advance, there’s no way of knowing how the weather will behave when the time finally comes. As such, you and your contractor need to play things by ear and be open to rescheduling if need be. Ideally, exterior painting should occur on a temperate day -- one that’s no cooler than 55 degrees Fahrenheit and no warmer than 85 degrees with low winds, partial cloud coverage, and virtually no chance of precipitation.

Interior Clubhouse Painting Can Wait Longer if Necessary

Many HOA managers will want to get both interior and exterior painting out of the way when it comes to renovating their clubhouse. That said, it’s also possible (and sometimes practical) to break the project up, depending on your circumstances. After all, interior painting is a more flexible process in regards to timing. Painters can coat your indoor surfaces any time of the year and any time of the day, assuming your clubhouse has proper climate control and adequate lighting. Indeed, if your clubhouse remains in use year-round, it might be best to tackle interior painting during off hours, such as overnight. And if things slow down between fall and spring, you might wait until winter to paint the inside of your HOA clubhouse. Put simply, you have more options when it comes to this portion of the project.

Staying in Line with Your HOA Renovation Timeline

Just as most HOAs contain specific CC&Rs, they also tend to block certain periods of time for renovations, including painting. Maintaining a steady timeline in this way helps keep properties consistent and also keeps residents on the same page -- when most properties in the neighborhood are being worked on around the same time, it’s less jarring to encounter such activity. While your HOA clubhouse doesn’t necessarily need to fit into this painting schedule, it often makes sense to include it anyway. Doing so will make it easier to lock in local painters for a large contract.

The Verdict

So, when is the best time to repaint your HOA clubhouse? While the answer varies from one HOA to the next, the general advice is as follows: for exteriors, aim for early fall, start early in the day, and keep an eye out for good weather. For interiors, prioritize the least busy times of year and day to get it done. And in both cases, try to schedule your clubhouse repainting project around the same time your other HOA properties undergo renovations.

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