Why Hire Local House Painters Before Summer's End

calander Aug 14 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Despite our desire to hang on to those long, sunny days, summer doesn’t last forever. On the plus side, fall is filled with fun activities, gatherings with friends and family, and fruitful feasts. In order to truly enjoy autumn’s bounty, however, you’ll want your home to be in proper shape for the months to come. After all, this seasonal shift also brings strong winds, pounding rain, flying debris, and more. If you’re not well-prepared, you may end up spending a good chunk of your autumn making repairs or simply praying that no more damage occurs. So, while you might prefer to simply relax during those dying days of summer, you’ll thank yourself later by taking some preventative measures before fall. Professional painters can help you improve and protect your property in more ways than one, so long as you select the right contractor for your needs.

Let’s discuss why you should consider hiring local house painters before summer comes to its always abrupt ending.

Why You Need to Hire House Painters

Take Advantage of the Warm Weather and Long Days

Summer has long been the most popular time to hire painters, and for good reason. Not only do many homeowners have more time to consider and oversee residential exterior painting projects during this season, but summer also features the year’s longest and warmest (on average) days. More daylight and warmer temperatures means more work can get accomplished during a given day. Of course, the dog days of summer can sometimes bring temperatures that are too hot for painters to work safely and for paint to dry properly. Aside from those scorching exceptions, however, summertime offers a large window to tackle all sorts of paint jobs. It’s also worth noting that the increase in demand for painting services during summer can make it difficult to schedule a painting project within your preferred timeline. That said, late summer tends to see a decline in this surge, so you may have an easier time finding reliable painters around this time than earlier in the season. Regardless, the sooner you begin your search for painters nearby, the sooner you’ll be able to coordinate your upcoming project.

Open up for Interior Painting

While many people prioritize exterior painting during summer, this time of year is also prime for interior painting. It’s true that interior painting can be done any time of year thanks to higher quality paint with fewer fumes and better indoor ventilation technology. Still, maximizing airflow in your home by opening up windows and doors is optimal for a successful interior painting project. When it’s cold outside, flinging open doors and windows isn’t exactly an option; however, doing so is perfectly viable during late summer. As such, the local painters you hire will have an easier time keeping odors out of your painted indoor spaces. Moreover, the interior paint will dry more quickly due to the influx of fresh air. Ultimately, then, hiring local house painters to coat your interior spaces before summer’s end will allow for a more streamlined (and cost-effective) process that won’t leave lingering scents behind when all is said and done.

Protect Your Deck from Colder Days to Come

Your home’s siding and interior aren’t the only areas to consider coating before summer ends this year. If you own a deck, this exterior feature requires plenty of attention year-round, especially as one season changes over to the next. Wooden decks that aren’t well-maintained can warp, rot, and otherwise deteriorate due to environmental forces such as sunlight, moisture, wind, pests, and impact. Over the course of this summer, your deck may have lost the majority of its current coatings, experienced pest and/or impact damage, and more. Even if your deck is in decent condition, the incoming cooler weather can exploit even the smallest weaknesses. Maintaining a durable coat of deck paint or stain will shield your deck from these threats. Many local painters offer deck coating, repair, and maintenance services in addition to their standard painting offerings, and it’s worth hiring such a contractor to check your deck in preparation for fall and winter. In doing so, you’ll have a much easier time preparing your deck again after winter’s over, as there won’t be as many repairs to make.

Wash Away Spring and Summer Grime

As previously mentioned, professional painters can do more than merely coat your various surfaces. After all, a good deal of preparation is required to properly paint a given property. Thorough cleaning lies at the heart of this surface preparation. A squeaky clean surface is far more receptive to fresh coatings than a dirty one. The sticky conditions of summer coupled with hoards of insects and various thunderstorms can make your home a canvas for all sorts of grime before the season’s end. And with autumn’s debris right around the corner, it’s worth giving your home a good cleaning to keep your home’s face fresh for the cooler weather. So, whether you plan on painting your home exterior or simply want to refresh your outdoor features before fall, summer’s end is the right time to enlist the aid of a pressure washer (as well as someone who knows how to use it properly).

Pressure Wash Gutters Before Fall

Indeed, pressure washing isn’t merely about cleaning your home’s exterior features in preparation for paint. Whether you hire local painters to wash your home or a dedicated pressure washing company (or do it yourself), this is also a golden opportunity to blast away any gunk that may have accumulated in your gutters and spouts during summer, such as nests, dirt, leaves, and more. You can expect plenty of rain to fall as summer transitions to autumn, and clogged gutters can become a recipe for water damage, stains, and rot. Your gutters are bound to need another cleaning after fall, of course (leaves have a way of making their way just about everywhere), but it’s wise to give your gutters a clean slate to start the season off with. Before hiring local painters, ask them if they’re willing and able to thoroughly clean out your gutters during the pressure washing process.

Get Your Home Ready for Fall with Local House Painters

Summer always seems to leave too soon. Do yourself and your home a favor this year and hire local painters before the season comes to a close. Ideally, you’ll want to work with a provider that offers pressure washing, deck staining, carpentry, siding repair, and other key services in addition to interior & exterior painting. Nash Painting fits the bill. If you live in Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin, TN, allow our experts to refresh and protect your home for the months, years, and decades to come. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!