Why Hiring Local Painters Is Best for Your HOA

calander Oct 15 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Homeowners associations (HOAs) tend to take their properties seriously. After all, the primary function of an HOA is to maintain high property values and a sense of uniformity among the homes within its purview. In order to adhere to these standards, HOAs must invest in periodic painting and repairs, often for the entire community at once (or around the same time). It doesn’t take an expert to know that a project this large and multi-faceted requires rigorous planning, thorough management, and quality workmanship. Even if you know what’s needed for your HOA painting project, however, you might still struggle to find the right contractor. As you browse your options, you should prioritize painters right in your neighborhood.

Here’s why hiring local painters is often best for your HOA and everyone in it.

Benefits of Hiring Local Painters


The details matter for any painting project, but they’re paramount for HOA painting projects. If things fall behind schedule or communication flies out the window, your HOA can find itself in a serious pickle. As such, you need to make sure you can count on your painting contractor before you hire them. And while not all local residential painters are inherently reliable, you’ll find that the most reliable painters are those nearby. Why is this?

For one thing, smaller painting businesses have to protect their reputation to a greater degree than their larger competitors; this isn’t to say that national painting companies don’t need to uphold a stellar reputation, too, but rather that more is at stake for local painters in this regard. Word gets around quickly, after all, so if a local painter falls short, they’re at risk of going out of business. With this additional pressure in play, you can expect most local painters to bring their A-game when it’s time to paint your HOA.

Local painters are also more reliable (generally speaking) in terms of scheduling. With fewer contracts to cover, local companies can usually find more time to tackle a given project. Considering that HOA painting projects can take weeks/months on end, the more time you have, the better.

Ultimately, this increased reliability translates to better results, more accountability, flexible scheduling, transparency, and so on.

Local Painters Understand Local Trends

The issue of how to select house paint colors is often a tough nut to crack. For HOAs, these aesthetic decisions become even more complicated due to specific (and sometimes strict) regulations. The Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs) that come with an HOA dictate which colors and paint types can be used on properties within the association. The painters hired for an HOA project must be well aware of these relevant restrictions so every property remains compliant. Of course, many HOAs allow for some leeway and may even adjust their paint color restrictions according to modern trends in order to maximize appeal.

Whatever the case, it helps to have a painting contractor on board who has a finger on the pulse of modern painting trends and who can easily understand and abide by the necessary restrictions. Unsurprisingly, local painters have the advantage in this category, too. Not only are local painters more familiar with what’s going on in the community in terms of modern design -- they’re also more receptive to specific HOA rules due to their aforementioned reliability. So, no matter what your HOA’s particular rules or desires may be, local painters can provide precisely what you need to keep your properties looking their best.

Local Painters Know the Local Climate

Color trends and HOA rules aren’t the only things local painters have a tight grasp on -- they also have intimate knowledge of local weather patterns and specific environmental threats in your area. Knowing the ins and outs of the local climate is a major advantage when it comes to applying exterior house paint, as temperatures, humidity levels, precipitation, wind, pests, etc. can all interfere with a successful paint job. These weather-related concerns become amplified for HOA painting projects since these projects tend to stretch multiple weeks or months at a time. Since there are bound to be days (sometimes several in a row) that aren’t conducive to painting during this project, it helps to partner up with a local contractor who can quickly adapt to the situation. And while all reputable painters keep a close eye on the weather, local painters will simply have more experience working in your particular area, allowing them to make more accurate preparations for the get-go.

Flexible, Fair Pricing

For most HOAs, painting projects are covered by the funds collected from periodic HOA fees. But even with this regular pool of money coming in each quarter or each year, there’s no denying that an HOA paint job can be costly. Some of the HOA’s annual funds must go towards other projects, too, so every penny counts. Reducing costs without sacrificing quality is often easier said than done. Fortunately, local painters will typically offer a competitive rate to outbid other local rivals and larger companies in your area. In other words, staying local will usually yield the best price possible for your HOA painting endeavor.

In-Person Estimates

Speaking of pricing, an estimate will give you your first glimpse of the potential cost of your project. That said, not all estimates are created equal -- not just in terms of the hard numbers, but also in terms of how they’re calculated. If you work with a painting company that’s not nearby, they might not be willing to send someone out to examine your HOA properties up close. Instead, this exterior painting contractor might rely on images and other information to craft their estimate. It’s always better to receive an estimate from someone who can inspect your HOA in person, and most local painters will have no problem doing so.

Keep Things in the Community

The movement to support local businesses is only growing, especially after so many small businesses have suffered over the past year and a half. Hiring local painters isn’t just beneficial for the reasons stated above -- it’s also beneficial to your community as a whole. Many HOAs are heavily involved in their communities, too, so supporting local painting companies is par for the course. By hiring painters in your neighborhood, you’re supporting a local business and their employees, keeping money circulating inside your community, which can ultimately increase property values in your area. In this way, keeping it local can indirectly benefit your HOA and its residents.

Hire Local Painters for Your Next HOA Painting Project

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