Why Hiring Pros to Paint Your Government Agency Interior Is the Safest Option

calander Jan 15 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Government buildings vary widely in their size, shape, purpose, budgets, and more. Despite these differences, though, each of these agencies requires a reliable coat of paint, inside and out -- the same goes for any building, of course, but government buildings often require a higher level of attention and care due to their nature. As such, those in charge of an agency’s facilities must be deliberate in their choice of interior painting contractors. Here’s why hiring professionals to paint your government agency interior is the best and safest option.

Why You Should Hire Pros for Your Government Agency

Greater Accountability

You never know what to expect when hiring a random painter without much of a track record. Sure, their rates may be low, but this is often because the painter in question doesn’t have the experience or skill to leverage a higher estimate. If you decide to go with such a contractor, your government building might not receive the level of quality it deserves. Moreover, you might not have much (if any) recourse for amending these issues, considering that low-level painters typically don’t offer guarantees or warranties. Conversely, reputable professional painters will back up their results with guarantees, warranties, and plenty of examples from previous jobs to show off their merit. All of this amounts to greater accountability. By hiring professionals to paint your government agency interior, you can rest assured that the job will get done right and that any mistakes will be resolved at no extra charge.

Accountability matters in other ways, too, especially when it comes to painting government building interiors. The primary concern of most government agencies is security, after all. Therefore, you must be able to trust the painters who will be working for days, weeks, or months on end in your facility. As a general rule, professional painters will be more trustworthy than their less-reputable counterparts, in part because they are inherently more accountable. In other words, there is more at stake for professional painters regarding their reputation. If word gets out that a painter intentionally breached security protocols, it could run that contractor out of business. And if something should get stolen, misplaced, or destroyed on the job, it’s often easier to track down the professional commercial interior painting company and get a straight answer than is the case for the amateur contractor.

Experience Where it Counts

Experience can truly make or break any painting project, no matter the size or type. What’s unique about painting government agencies, however, is that these buildings often have strict guidelines and codes regarding paint color selection, budgets, timeframes, and more. And the more red tape there is, the more crucial it becomes to hire painters with relevant experience. Experienced professionals will have developed efficient processes for tackling virtually any project, and have access to the latest surface preparation technologies, tools, paint products, and more. Less experienced painters, on the other hand, might not know how to select interior paint colors for your historical building, or be able to complete the job on time and within the agreed-upon budget. Why risk these suboptimal outcomes?

The Best Paint Products

Another advantage of working with professionals to paint your government agency interior: the use of high-quality paint products. While it’s true that higher-quality paints cost more than their lower-quality counterparts, there’s a reason for this discrepancy. For one thing, quality paints have a higher solids content, which in large part determines how protective the coating will be. High-quality paint is also more durable and easier to clean, which can greatly reduce your facility’s maintenance costs in the long run. Not only will professionals use high-end paint -- they may also recommend zero- and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) options for your interiors. These low-VOC options contain fewer toxic chemicals, reducing their odor and ensuring the health and safety of those nearby. In short, hiring pros to paint your government agency will yield you a better-looking, longer-lasting, safer interior paint job.

Clear-Cut Quotes

While every entity, whether residential or commercial, should have a budget in place for renovations, government agencies often have less flexible budgets to work with, as they are often determined by the town’s, city’s, state’s, or federal government’s tax revenue. With this in mind, those tasked with hiring interior painting services for their government building must receive the most detailed and accurate estimates possible before making the final choice. As mentioned earlier, less experienced painters might undercut the quotes of more experienced contractors, but keep in mind that these estimates might be subject to change. The best professional painters will deliver a comprehensive quote from the very beginning, which will help you meet your budgetary restrictions and goals much more easily.

Multiple Services

If your government agency is in need of a new interior paint job, odds are that this isn’t the only service it requires. Fortunately, professional painters often offer more than one service. If, for instance, your building requires wallpaper removal, cabinet painting, wood refinishing, deck staining, and so on, look for a reliable contractor that offers all of these services under a single umbrella. By hiring one company for your building’s various renovations, you save time, money, and minimize hassle.

Types of Government Agencies We Service

At Nash Painting, we have offer 15 years of commercial painting experience, with over 400 jobs completed. In addition to completing jobs for clients in retail, healthcare, non-profit, aerospace, hospitality, food service, and multifamily, we’ve serviced a number of government buildings. Our experts are equipped to paint virtually any and all types of government agency in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN, including but not limited to:

  • Administration Buildings

  • Bus/Transportation Stations

  • City Halls

  • Civic Centers

  • Community Centers

  • County Buildings

  • Courthouses

  • Detention Centers

  • Embassies

  • Fire Stations

  • Historic Sites

  • Justice Buildings

  • Operations Facilities

  • Police Stations

  • Parking Garages

  • Post Offices

  • Public Health and Safety Buildings

  • Public Utilities

  • Public Works

  • State Police Posts

  • Tourist Bureaus

  • Town Halls

  • Training Centers

  • Transmission Power Facilities

  • Treasury Buildings

  • Village Halls

  • Visitor Centers

  • Water Plants and Storage Facilities

You can depend on us to update your government facility’s interior (and more) using only the best products while adhering to your budget and goals. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!