Why It's Best to Go with a Waterproof Deck Stain in the South

calander Mar 17 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

Spring starts early in the southern United States. Temperatures are already warm enough in areas like Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN for residents to get back on their decks and enjoy the fresh air. Of course, spring doesn’t just bring warmer temperatures – it also brings rain, wind, and other conditions that can threaten your outdoor deck’s integrity and beauty. Coating your deck with a high-quality stain is an important measure for mitigating these environmental hazards. That said, not all stains are created equal. For starters, you must choose between water-based and oil-based options. On top of that, you’ll have to decide whether or not to opt for a stain that’s designed with moisture protection in mind. All stains offer some protection against water, but some are more dedicated to this task than others (i.e., waterproof stains).

Let’s discuss why it’s best to go with a waterproof deck stain if you live in the south.

Benefits of Waterproof Deck Stains

Nashville and Surrounding Areas Get Plenty of Rain

Most people think of Nashville, TN as a sunny place, and they’re right. Indeed, the city receives an average of 208 sunny days per year, 3 more than the national average. That said, Music City also beats the national average for annual rainfall (about 49 inches vs. 38 inches and 119.6 days of precipitation vs. 106.2 days) despite its sunny disposition. Simply put, it rains quite a bit in Nashville and surrounding areas, especially during spring. If your house exterior isn’t well-protected against moisture, all of this wet weather can lead to deterioration. Moisture can warp wood, rust metal, and let mold and mildew thrive. By waterproofing your wooden deck with a durable stain, you’ll prevent moisture from rain and other sources from entering your deck’s pores and causing damage.

The South is No Stranger to High Humidity Levels

While rain is the most obvious and direct form of moisture intrusion that threatens your deck, remember that moisture lingers in the air, too. Rain and high humidity levels are connected, too – the more vapor that’s in the air, the more likely it is to rain. While the southern U.S. has its share of dry regions, those areas closer to major bodies of water tend to offer muggy conditions. The average annual percentage of humidity in Nashville is close to 70%, and the summer months can approach or even exceed 80% relative humidity. Without the protection of a waterproof wood deck stain, your deck can absorb this moisture throughout the year. Before long, you might have to contend with weakened or warped boards, rot, and more.

Waterproof Deck Stain Increases Safety

Keeping your deck sturdy and beautiful is the main reason to apply a waterproof exterior deck stain. That said, waterproof deck stains offer another key benefit: safety. By keeping moisture at bay on your deck, you reduce the risk of slips and falls, so you and your loved ones can enjoy your deck all season long with more peace of mind. Waterproof deck stains are also easy to maintain and clean, so you can get rid of debris and other tripping hazards without hassle.

Keep Your Southern Deck Dry

Those who live in the south get to enjoy their outdoor decks many months out of the year. Make sure your deck is prepared to withstand the various environmental pressures it faces year-round, especially moisture. At Nash Painting, our services extend beyond standard exterior and interior painting processes – we also clean, prepare, and stain decks using the highest-quality products available. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!