Why Now Is a Good Time for Residential Interior Painting

calander Feb 25 , 2022 user-icon Nash Painting

Most of us don’t feel motivated to do much in the middle of winter. But while the colder, shorter days can certainly be a drag, waiting until spring to tackle cleaning, repairs, and renovations isn’t ideal either. After all, you want to enjoy the nicer weather when it comes; this isn’t the only reason to perform certain tasks during winter, however. Painting the indoor surfaces of your home is particularly worth doing during winter for several reasons.

Here’s why winter is a great time for residential interior painting projects.

Why Your Residential Interior Should Get Painted Now

Easier to Schedule Services

Most painting contractors oversee both indoor and outdoor projects. As a result, these companies are busiest during spring, summer, and early fall when they can fill their books with exterior and interior painting alike. If you’re looking to hire the best interior house painters on relatively short notice, then you’ll likely have the best luck doing so during winter. That said, it’s still important to book your services well in advance. Otherwise, you might have to wait until spring anyway – that is, unless you prefer to do it yourself.

Tackle Interior Painting Now so You Can Focus on Exterior Projects Later

One of the advantages of living in an area like Nashville, Brentwood, or Franklin, TN is that the winters are relatively mild. Though it still snows from time to time in Tennessee, residents rarely have to deal with major accumulations or freezing temperatures, even in January and February. Still, winter weather can be unpredictable, and daylight is limited during the winter months, too. As such, it’s still advised for homeowners to wait until spring to invest in exterior painting and renovations. While you’re waiting for things to warm up, why not take care of some indoor renovations? Painters can work indoors no matter how cold or dark it is outside. And if you manage to take care of interior painting early in the year, you can focus on exterior projects in the spring, summer, and fall.

Take Advantage of Winter’s Lower Humidity Levels

While it’s true that winter’s colder conditions force painters indoors, some aspects of winter weather actually stand to benefit the painting process. Namely, winter’s cool, dry air can expedite the paint drying process. Of course, taking full advantage of these decreased humidity levels for home interior painting means opening up doors and windows. If temperatures are too cold (i.e., below 60 degrees Fahrenheit), this can make for unpleasant working conditions and also negatively affect the paint job itself. Still, it’s important to ventilate interior spaces during the project, so painters must strike the right balance here. Placing fans and dehumidifiers in the room can aid in proper air circulation. It’s also wise to use paints with zero or low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as these release less pollution into the air.

What Will You Do this Winter?

In Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas, painting companies enjoy an extended window for exterior painting thanks to the warmer average temperatures (even during winter). Still, winter is a great time to focus your efforts on finding the best interior painting services for your home. And if you’re satisfied with their results, you can hire them in the future to help with exterior painting as well. At Nash Painting, we work year-round to help homeowners and business owners maintain and improve their properties inside and out.

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