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Why Pressure Washing Services Are Ideal This Time of Year

calander Aug 16 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

Summer is winding down, which means cooler weather, shorter days, and busier schedules are just on the horizon. If you haven’t ticked off all the boxes on your home improvement to-do list by this point, however, you still have some time. While it might be practical to leave certain projects until next summer, there’s at least one task worth tackling before fall: pressure washing. Generally speaking, a property should be pressure washed at least twice a year, about six months apart. It makes sense to thoroughly wash your home or business exterior right after winter (late February/March), which means the next time you’d want to wash it would be around August/September, a half-year later. Of course, pressure washing your exterior toward the end of summer is about more than following a basic rule of thumb; there are several reasons to tackle this project around this time, regardless of when you did it last.

Let’s go over why late summer is the perfect time to hire pressure washing services.

Benefits of Pressure Washing in Summer

Get Rid of Summertime Grime

Every season features environmental conditions that can deteriorate and soil your property’s exterior. That said, summer is one of the worst offenders in this regard, especially if you live in a particularly hot and humid region. Moisture, wind, pests, sunlight -- each of these factors can contribute to mold, mildew, discoloration, and more. By the time August or September rolls around, your home’s or business’ exterior might be riddled with grime that’s built up since you last blasted it with a pressure washer (which was probably six months ago or more). Neglecting to blast away this gunk at this juncture will only make your property more vulnerable to damage as autumn takes over and turns to winter in mere months. Conversely, refreshing your exterior before fall will protect your property and maintain its appearance for some time to come.

Prepare Your Property for a Fresh Coat of Paint

Late summer isn’t only optimal for pressure washing -- it’s also a good time of year to introduce a new coat of paint to your exterior. And as we’ve mentioned countless times, pressure washing is a crucial prerequisite step for commercial or residential exterior painting. In other words, if you plan to paint your property this season, you’ll want to pressure wash its surfaces anyway. In doing so, you can easily loosen any old, peeling paint and make said surfaces more receptive to fresh coatings. To save time and money, search for painting professionals who include pressure washing in their repertoire of service offerings. It simply makes more sense to get it all done around the same time under a single bill than split up the projects among different contractors.

There’s Still Plenty of Daylight

The pressure washing process isn’t typically a long one, though the precise duration depends on how large the property is and how dirty it currently is. A basic residential pressure washing job may take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, and the same goes for commercial pressure washing. But just because pressure washing isn’t drawn out compared to other processes doesn’t mean time is a non-factor, especially if other tasks must be accomplished shortly after. Any exterior improvement requires adequate lighting for maximum efficiency, accuracy, and safety. As such, more daylight means more flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Though the days start getting shorter after the summer solstice (late June), they’re still plenty long by August and early September. The precise time of sunset varies depending on your location and elevation, but this time of year should offer plenty of average sunlight to tackle pressure washing from early morning well into the evening.

The Days are Cooling Off

If day length is such an important factor for pressure washing, you might wonder why early and mid summer (i.e., June/July) isn’t deemed as ideal for this task as late summer. While there’s nothing wrong with pressure washing your exterior earlier in the season, you must also consider another key factor: temperature. In most areas of the U.S., June and July feature the hottest days of the year, and Nashville, Tennessee is no exception. While Nashville, TN and surrounding areas are still plenty hot toward summer’s end, August marks the beginning of an average decline in temperatures. Late summer also tends to see a sharper drop-off of temperatures in the morning and evening and includes a greater number of less oppressive days. In other words, this time of year offers more comfortable conditions for staying outdoors for a while, which is of course necessary for pressure washing.

Clear Your Gutters Before Fall

Pressure washers aren’t just powerful cleaning tools -- they’re also versatile. With the proper attachment, you can quickly clear out and clean your gutters and spouts using a pressure washer. It’s important to pressure wash gutters prior to fall, too, as the upcoming season tends to feature heavy rains and no shortage of windswept debris (namely leaves and twigs). By clearing your gutters before fall, you help prevent more serious build-ups and blockages that might otherwise lead to water damage and gutter problems. You’ll want to clear your gutters periodically throughout autumn, too.

You’ve Got More Time to Get it Done

Everyone’s personal schedule is different, but for the most part, summertime is less busy than other seasons. Kids go back to school in the fall, holidays kick into gear as winter approaches, and businesses tend to bustle in spring. If you’re like most people, then, you probably have more time to get things done in late summer than any other time of year. If you don’t pressure wash your home or business before summer comes to a close, you might not have another golden opportunity for some time to come. After examining your schedule more closely, you might realize that there’s no time like the present to hire pressure washing services.

Time to Pressure Wash Your Property?

Whether it’s been six months or six years since you last had your exterior surfaces pressure washed, now is the right time to get it done. At Nash Painting, our experts are here to help you enhance your property and prepare it for the colder months to come. Pressure washing is just one part of this equation and one of the many services we offer our clients across Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN. To learn more about us, our services, and our values, call us at 615-829-6858 today!