Late Summer Pressure Washing: Prime Time for a Pristine Property

calander Aug 16 , 2021 user-icon Nash Painting

As the warmth of summer begins to wane, welcoming the crisp air of autumn, it's an opportune time to wrap up your home improvement projects. If pressure washing is still lingering on your checklist, now is the perfect moment to act. Regularly scheduled pressure washing, ideally twice a year, is crucial for maintaining your property’s aesthetic and structural integrity. Typically, the end of summer, around late August to September, is an ideal period for this task for several compelling reasons.

Here’s why the close of summer is prime for arranging pressure washing services:

  1. Eliminating Summer’s Residue: Summer's heat and humidity often contribute to the buildup of unsightly and potentially damaging substances like mold, mildew, and dirt on your property’s exterior. As the season draws to an end, it’s wise to remove this accumulation to protect your property's facade and prepare it for the harsher conditions of fall and winter.
  2. Pre-Paint Preparation: If you’re considering a fresh paint job for your exterior, pressure washing is an essential first step. It clears away peeling paint and creates a clean, smooth surface for the new coat. Aligning your pressure washing and painting projects at the end of summer not only ensures optimal adherence and results for your new paint but also streamlines the process, potentially with a single contractor.
  3. Optimizing Daylight: While pressure washing is not an excessively time-consuming task, sufficient daylight is vital for quality and safety. Late summer offers ample daylight, allowing for more flexible scheduling and the completion of the task with better visibility.
  4. Comfortable Temperatures: The sweltering peak of summer heat has passed by late August, making outdoor tasks more comfortable. Pressure washing can be an intensive activity, and the cooler but still warm weather of late summer creates a more conducive environment for this work.
  5. Gutter Maintenance: With the right equipment, a pressure washer can efficiently clear your gutters, preparing them for the falling leaves and increased rainfall that autumn brings. Ensuring your gutters are clean at this time helps prevent water damage and other issues related to clogged gutters in the months ahead.
  6. Scheduling Ease: Late summer often provides a breather between the hectic schedules of the summer holidays and the onset of the new school year and upcoming winter holidays. Utilizing this period for pressure washing may fit more conveniently into your calendar before the bustle of autumn fully kicks in.

Is your property in need of a thorough cleaning? Now's your chance to address it before the seasons change. At Nash Painting, our team specializes in enhancing and protecting your property to prepare it for the colder months ahead.